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How to BUY and IMPORT a Japanese car - START to FINISH JDM Japan

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Information How to BUY and IMPORT a Japanese car - START to FINISH JDM Japan

Title :  How to BUY and IMPORT a Japanese car - START to FINISH JDM Japan
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Frames How to BUY and IMPORT a Japanese car - START to FINISH JDM Japan

Description How to BUY and IMPORT a Japanese car - START to FINISH JDM Japan

Comments How to BUY and IMPORT a Japanese car - START to FINISH JDM Japan

2JZ Addict
How to FINANCE a JDM Car While it's still in Japan: youtube/bgPtlRvibSk
Comment from : 2JZ Addict

Oh hell nah, this got pricey real fast
Comment from : Kel

Mohammed S
There is a 2009 Fj cruiser with 900km onlybrI'm not from the usa but is it possible for someone to buy the car from me? brIt is super clean
Comment from : Mohammed S

I'm looking into getting a Honda/Acura integra as my first car the type r seems a bit too expensive so am looking for a type s something more cheap I'm just looking for now I'll be hoping to have the money for one in 2-3 years or so and get it from Japan right here to Mexico since there's almost no íntegras here, could you tell me how much would it be to get the car right here to Mexico?
Comment from : UU RR

Someone told me the car doesn’t come with the engine, is that true?
Comment from : PleaseExitThePool

Takumi Mizuno
Hello I think this is a great video! I live in Japan and working for vintage car shop I just found this video while searching a cheaper way to export Japanese cars to US for my friendbrTo find cars like you're looking for in Japan, absolutely this is the easiest and one of the best way on internet If you looking for more cars or cheaper parking space,,,I think I could help!(there's a auction site only dealers can login)
Comment from : Takumi Mizuno

Are you able to drive the cars away from the port, or must they be trailered?
Comment from : P4ddyC4ke

D Ha
I can't wait to import my favorite car, the toyota celica gt-four
Comment from : D Ha

the 5,900,000 yen is actually $46,000 for anyone wondering
Comment from : TF2GodBot

JJ Galvan
Can you pay it monthly or you just gotta pay in cash all of it
Comment from : JJ Galvan

Im just a 12 year old kid who love jdm cars and i wanna know how to import and buy my dream rx7 and s15 and i really glad to see you teach me not just me but us
Comment from : Gingerbreadstick

JDM vehicles banned in Florida & can not be registered
Comment from : DrSysOp

I watch this because the 690 Smc r in japan is only 2000$ + My country import taxes = 4000$
Comment from : 16Yrs

Devika Gaire
Hi, need a bit of help I am looking a car that i am very much interested in to import to Australia
Comment from : Devika Gaire

Deep fried snake pussy
Welp time to save up and I’ll come back to this comment in 2 years
Comment from : Deep fried snake pussy

Luis Sebastian
How do you even find your port for import
Comment from : Luis Sebastian

Wrx 2 door find youtube/DhgVQzymF-I
Comment from : vicvary

Soy Sir
Hi, I live in New York but I don’t have social number, it’s that an issue to import a car from Japan?
Comment from : Soy Sir

Sheldon Freeman
Can you get a car loan for this?
Comment from : Sheldon Freeman

SaltCityHustlin 315
Fire video brother I haven’t been through the process in years Half the shit we wanted we couldn’t even get so we used to settle for front clips lol You were seriously thorough af Appreciate you
Comment from : SaltCityHustlin 315

Rage was Taken
All of this seems overwhelming, me not having any importing experience 💀
Comment from : Rage was Taken

Did you find an importer in Colorado or the state you picked your car up at?
Comment from : NikkisNugs

Can we even import jdm car in India??
Comment from : 𝓝𝓔𝓚𝓞𝓖𝓐𝓜𝓘𝓝𝓖

Hai Nguyen
what customs broker would you recommend?
Comment from : Hai Nguyen

been wanting to import an r34 for the longest but it will be damn near impossible to register it here in cali im sure😪
Comment from : ElevenBravo

Brandon Ang
Recently I imported a mitsubishi evo 3 from Japan and had to watch this before doing this but very thankful for your video 🙌
Comment from : Brandon Ang

Thanks for the information! how would I go about importing car parts?
Comment from : karlsolitario

So how does the payment process work with garage defend ? Is the only option to wire the money for car you’re buying ? Because I’m currently messaging them but they’re helping me source a vehicle on which I’ll have to pay a 10 service fee and pay for 2 years and 5 months storage until the car can become import legal here in the USA
Comment from : M O N K E H

I’ve been trying to buy a s15 Spec R from garage defend but they don’t respond, what’s the best way to contact them ?
Comment from : M O N K E H

Jermaine Cotton
Do you have any suggestions for a importer to use at the port I already have a twic I'll be using either savannah or Jax haven't decided yet
Comment from : Jermaine Cotton

Messiah imminent
Loves, repent for the Kingdom of GOD is near There will be trouble up ahead for the world ask JESUS for help when this trouble comes The LORD lives you and wants you to be safe HE will take care of you if you give you life to HIM HE will help you, HE is waiting I bless you all in the name of JESUS
Comment from : Messiah imminent

Nashi Daperv
im looking to buy a toyota aristo as my first jdm car, prefferably a 1st gen
Comment from : Nashi Daperv

Colin Christman
Where is the port pickup at
Comment from : Colin Christman

is japan partner trust worthy, I found a car of my dream and I dont know if their a import export company or their just gonna scam me
Comment from : Zup

Four Side
Do you know a good way to find cars like this in America
Comment from : Four Side

Buhle Matyobeni
bro how do you get a trustworthy buyer in Japan and who will inspect it for you
Comment from : Buhle Matyobeni

Efren Franco
Just one problem and it’s a big one, I live in California
Comment from : Efren Franco

Boseth Minidu
I’m looking forward to import a 91-99 NSX but in my Country vehicle imports are currently banned so I’m researching till then,Is it possible to find a 91-99 Honda NSX with an Automatic Transmission and without any repair history 7 million Yen? I’m confused because I found an NSX for 11 million yen while I found the same car in another website for 91 million yenThe option I’m looking forward to do is head to Japan and look at the dealerships for a decent priced NSX
Comment from : Boseth Minidu

John Smith
Does anyone know anything about selling American muscle cars in Japan?
Comment from : John Smith

Maybe I missed it, but what are the possible ways to finance a car from goonet? My bf tried to get a loan from the bank, and they said no because the dealer is out of the country, so i’m on youtube and sites trying to see how to finance :/ are there different ways to go about financing a car in japan?
Comment from : mellowye11ow

The 96 Suzuki Alto Works is legal for import 😁 Very tempting
Comment from : Charsept

Cesar Nunes
Well I know that this video is kinda old but do you know a company that can buy a car or truck from auctions that can ship world wide? I live in Netherlands Antilles Curacao
Comment from : Cesar Nunes

ilir aliko
Any websites that sell rollers? Looking to buy a roller for a good price
Comment from : ilir aliko

Austin Zackrias
I’m doing a hobby switch from games to cars, I’m starting to watch videos on basic car knowledge and terms If anyone has tips for newbies I would really appreciate it because I wanna talk with my friends and actually understand them
Comment from : Austin Zackrias

I use google translate for webpagesgoogle will have you copy the link to the page and itll take you to the actual page, but translate it Works really well!
Comment from : Bisstube

I’m looking for an ek9 type r or a small nice hatchback like the city or today (Honda) I jus don’t know if I’m searching in the right places have u came across any??? Dope video by the way u got thumbs up from me 👍
Comment from : MpG B

Do u need to do the whole inspection and port stuff if u get it from goonet?
Comment from : RacerAli21

Richard Sharma
I have a question My cousin’s wife has family in Japan and I wanted to buy my first overseas JDM legend Since the market for some post-1996 cars are reasonable at the moment, I wanted to know if it would be cheaper to fly out to Tokyo, purchase a car through the auction, have the car refreshed/fixed where necessary and store it there until the 25 year rule kicks in and have it shipped? Or even if the car is 25 years old already, would it be cheaper and better to go out there and buy the car and arrange shipping out there instead of online? Thanks for the great video btw!
Comment from : Richard Sharma

Definitely so much easier to just buy from a importer even though they’re doing all the leg work they’re making so much money!
Comment from : Jremeee

If the Celica was sold in US and Japan, does a 1999 Celica fall under the 25 year law? brbrI'm trying to get a 1999 Celica SSII in California
Comment from : GUNSjk

Lilly Hendry
I'm from india our country tax is too high any other method
Comment from : Lilly Hendry

Not Nas
If i live in UK would they still not want to sell cars and import them? Or is it just in america?
Comment from : Not Nas

RIP Kumo
where do i go if i want to buy like a broken one and fix it up? or would it be cheaper going through this?
Comment from : RIP Kumo

Is this applicable for Britain?
Comment from : JAckob

Youre friendly neighborhood white guy
Man I'm looking for the Mitsubishi delcia diesel vans and FD and 240z or r32
Comment from : Youre friendly neighborhood white guy

Mother Russia
How do I convert the price of the cars into US dollars (for example the 18500)
Comment from : Mother Russia

Can I get more information on why Japanese doesn't want American to import? I keep googling but getting results of why American cars don't sell well in Japan
Comment from : sonicallstarify

The Tech
Nice video I also used Doston to get my R34 I had a few more hoops to go through with the Show and Display which adds a ton of more work
Comment from : The Tech

Edwin Puga
Can you pay it in payments
Comment from : Edwin Puga

Californians need not apply
Comment from : E

Thank you bro 🙏
Comment from : Drewip

Daniel johnstone
5:26 not a problem for us we have had these cars since they came out
Comment from : Daniel johnstone

Francisco Grullon
can anyone recommend a car insurance company for imported vehicles? I contact a car insurance company and when I gave them the Vin number they said they can't insurance the vehicle cuz its an unknown Vin for them 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Francisco Grullon

Dan Thomas
I’m looking to get a different style car for import I’d like to import a Toyota Hilux between the years 1985-1995 I live in California Does anyone have a particular website to suggest to look for this car and any other details I’d need to know that our different than ones stated in the video
Comment from : Dan Thomas

Random Rebuilds
Great info - thanks for the thorough review process
Comment from : Random Rebuilds

td _ evo
So do I have to find someone to buy the car if it’s from Winmans group? Or can they export it
Comment from : td _ evo

Jose supra
Subbed because this is some simple yet good info Appreciate it man
Comment from : Jose supra

El Vacilon De La Suiza-4K-HD
Do you know how to import cars from Japan to colombia?
Comment from : El Vacilon De La Suiza-4K-HD

roberto anaya
I found a car at a dealership in Tokyo, any recommendations for exporters in tokyo?
Comment from : roberto anaya

The Music Lab
If you are willing to pay everything is possible
Comment from : The Music Lab

Sean Rigunay
i'm still waiting for an r32 hahaha
Comment from : Sean Rigunay

Kaleib Amanuel
Is autowini legit is trusted to buy ?brPls waiting ur response
Comment from : Kaleib Amanuel

What about autocon, autocjccojp
Comment from : ApnaHazara

Andres Oyola
Hey this video was really helpful i’m looking to buy an s13 coupe and i’ve seen importers all around where i live but i wanted the whole experience of going to japan and buying it myself would that be more expensive than an exporter what do you recommend ?
Comment from : Andres Oyola

they still havent sold that red supra😂
Comment from : Profanaties

Thank you so much , really want a jdm car so I wanna try garage defender and see if I can buy one and import it to nz
Comment from : ShogunPlayz

Underground 91
Actually can’t believe how expensive these cars have become it’s ridiculous considering how cheap could pick them up 10 years ago , I picked up a captive blue Honda Civic EG6 -SiR year 1995 with 100,000 km on the clock back in 2010 for €3500 now to buy the same car in Japan there going for up to 18k to 20K it’s insanely overpriced now
Comment from : Underground 91

Mistah Kevin
Where did you buy ur car from?
Comment from : Mistah Kevin

One Man On Fire
Granted each state is different but how much in total fees + shipping did you have to pay from start to finish?
Comment from : One Man On Fire

How does a US company get business lines of credit in Japan?
Comment from : Zigr

Elijah Pollard
Would you recommend goo-net? Found my dream eunos roadster on their site How easy is it to work with them?
Comment from : Elijah Pollard

Why did I get mr beast vibes
Comment from : Pxv4y

bro help me this is the r35 i found in the internet wwwjapanesecartradecom/2784823-japan-used-nissan-gt-r-2008html but idk how to buy it even i have the cash any recomendation? and can i register on my local dmv is a r35 2008 cost 45k dollars i need your help bro
Comment from : XxKAISERxX

6:23 matrix broke
Comment from : matias

Bunta Does Things
needs more views very helpful
Comment from : Bunta Does Things

Parker B
So is it better, more affordable to go this route vs going through someone like Top Rank? brAnd what about financing being the car is not even in the country?
Comment from : Parker B

Cant wait for the evo 5 :)
Comment from : Blurple

G Lugo
Nice got my gtr33 from Garage Defend last year Process was super ez Brian and Doston are straight up guys They handled evwrything over at GD Once i got my broker here my car came staight to my city Best part i didnt even need a twic card nor pay that crazy charge at the port All i did was give them my papers they called me in and i inspected the car and drove it right out Only down side was how rude the staff was at the port
Comment from : G Lugo

Strike Hard
What about import tax
Comment from : Strike Hard

Comment from : PLY PLY

Ayrton GodzilarOG7337
You didn't mention a prominent UK based seller, don't sleep on HJA Some of the cleanest and rare inventory I've ever seen and at the right price Plus flights to the UK are relatively cheap and you can go see the car for yourself Simple fact is today extremely clean bcnr33's are very hard to source and even rust buckets are pulling premium
Comment from : Ayrton GodzilarOG7337

Itz Polo
Dang so bloody expensive
Comment from : Itz Polo

Doston’s lack of communication killed it for me Had a deposit with them and he never responded Saw other super clean cars being sold to other customers Kind of ticked me off Ended up getting my deposit back and working with a US company as a broker who brought over my TopSecret GT-R In the end I got a wayyy better car
Comment from : Damian

Aidan Matukas
how much do all the fees tend to cost? export fee, port service, duty, service fee, border inspection fee, radiation checks, etc?
Comment from : Aidan Matukas

The Obsolete Geek
Great video! A couple of additions:br1 You don't ALWAYS need a TWIC! My port (Freeport TX) will allow you to pick up the car without one Check with your destination port terminal office to verify before applying for onebr2 You definitely want to hire a customs broker to handle the import paperwork on your behalf In addition, have your HS7 and Customs Border Protection documents "perfed" at the CBP office at the port Some states (like Texas) require this for state registration br3 Auctions are definitely the way to go for sub-$10K or even 20K cars You can save a fortune You will carry the risk of purchasing a 25+ year old car with what could be a loose inspection, but you should expect to have a few unexpected surprises with such an old vehicle in most cases, even with low mileage br4 USS Auctions tend to have the more desirable cars with a more thorough inspection process This does not mean something can't slip through on these old cars, but the odds are more favorable USS cars can cost a bit more, as a resultbr5 Similar to point #3 pack your patience if purchasing from auction! Old cars are relatively rare in Japan, so you could be waiting for a while to bid on (and win) that perfect ride in the condition you want It took me about 2 months to find the car I eventually purchased brbrIn all honesty, I found the state registration process to be the most difficult step Each state will be different, some are easier than others Texas makes you jump through a few additional hoops but it's still relatively easy for anyone
Comment from : The Obsolete Geek

Thanks I’m looking for a r33
Comment from : Sleep3xx

Gold Gargoyles
Subbed, just got a fd, going to be going for another one this summer, this was super helpful, aiming for a end/last year fd
Comment from : Gold Gargoyles

I do enjoy a good Car Sensor browsing At least once a week! Look at all em beautiful RX-7s I’m saving up for!brbrOn a side note, the screen you saw at 4:02 is the region selection, click the top left checkbox for countrywide search
Comment from : Artholos

Thanks! I'm looking for an R32 or NSX and this is super helpful
Comment from : CARRACUDA

Eric Ream
Carcenternet doesn't look like that at all thru my browsers
Comment from : Eric Ream

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