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Are Translator Devices Worth it in 2020? Testing it in Japan

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Information Are Translator Devices Worth it in 2020? Testing it in Japan

Title :  Are Translator Devices Worth it in 2020? Testing it in Japan
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Frames Are Translator Devices Worth it in 2020? Testing it in Japan

Description Are Translator Devices Worth it in 2020? Testing it in Japan

Comments Are Translator Devices Worth it in 2020? Testing it in Japan

Tokyo Lens
Thank's to Sherry for all the help!brAnd if you have 2 minutes extra, here's some of the best advice for traveling Japan! br wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=Ck4jXWNsOp0 <--- First episode of Japan in a Jiff!brLet me know what you thought below! (PS - This thing can translate between Over 100 languages!!)
Comment from : Tokyo Lens

Violinist 1
Why do you have to use and internet connection?
Comment from : Violinist 1

Thomas Klugh
That was fun
Comment from : Thomas Klugh

Andrew Jackson
I love it
Comment from : Andrew Jackson

super cute! google translate still seems the best choice unless you have a few hundred bucks to throw around
Comment from : Delavan

the "im glad i became" killed me
Comment from : zepeling

Travis Poppenhusen
Even though it's been around for years now, the Google Lens translation feature still feels like magic to me I honestly can't wait until something like Google Glass comes back around with that as a primary feature
Comment from : Travis Poppenhusen

ZenRider _
I'm planning a motorcycle trip to Japan hopefully now that everything is open again And I'll definitely be taking this with me
Comment from : ZenRider _

Personal Contrasts
does Japanese actually have heavy swear words? I mean like really, really hard ones? (not just basics like "shut up")
Comment from : Personal Contrasts

Watched ✈🇯🇵
Comment from : Heather

Changwook Ji
Isn’t more fun just learning the language and talking to people directly? That’s what I did as a young man in the early 90s You guys are young and ought to be able to pick up the language fast, no?
Comment from : Changwook Ji

Matthew Day
I’m such a tech nerd, this video was FASCINATING to me I’m always so curious how things like this work and if they actually work well Having someone to test with, and another service to test against, was so cool I could literally watch you try this all day
Comment from : Matthew Day

Blue Footsteps
I have always loved these devices, there is one by Waverly labs that I have followed since their start Thank you for sharing these options
Comment from : Blue Footsteps

Ashlyn Currie
"Videos like this" はいい練習だと思います!たくさん分かります!嬉しい!I also, love a good sherry video, she's a lil bean I might like having that translator for Germany I know soma friends of mine will study their japanese into google translate to see if they can be understood, or if they're saying what they think they're saying
Comment from : Ashlyn Currie

I’m shocked how well they work Trying to learn as much Japanese as I can, but this would be excellent for bridging the gaps
Comment from : bork0992

Remo Williams
I agree with Norms take too It’s way easier than opening apps etc brbrBut when Sherry first said raining cats and dogs, what did it say in Japanese? 8:01?
Comment from : Remo Williams

Remo Williams
I see Sherry I click I will binge her channel after this
Comment from : Remo Williams

This is really useful I am glad they have them in shops for the Olympics I wonder if they continue to use them for tourists having something like this I think would help reduce my nervousness about not speaking the language hopefully people would be amused by the novelty of using a translator and be more comfortable engaging with a visitor
Comment from : MailMe2Japan

Really cool device, have it's pros and cons You should try it as well with many different accents 😉
Comment from : Zenbugami

Josh Stark
I really thought the translator would get tripped up more! That’s great
Comment from : Josh Stark

I went around Japan for a month without speaking japanese, just using Google translate for some things and I got around without any problems Might have been more of an issue if I traveled way out into the country though
Comment from : kingrocklee

Quike Badilla
Interesting 🤔Are there other languages on the device? Or just English?
Comment from : Quike Badilla

a Takoranodon Brachiosaurus
I remember this being on of the first videos of yours I enjoyed watching Though I want to keep translating applications to a minimum, it could work as a last resort 👌
Comment from : a Takoranodon Brachiosaurus

Juanita Mcleod
Thank you for sharing that video, it was very helpful to find a new way to communicate I wouldn't dare you google translator for speaking any other language except Spanish I plan on traveling to Israel and I'm definitely convinced to buy one of those devices The use seems fluid and natural! AWESOME
Comment from : Juanita Mcleod

Ali Aslam
Hello, sir, this device can tansalate urdu to english
Comment from : Ali Aslam

Yuki Hiroki
What is it called?
Comment from : Yuki Hiroki

Phileo SS Nature & Music Channel
Actually, in Japan we are taught in school that "challenging" means やりがいがある So, it was 'correct' school translation
Comment from : Phileo SS Nature & Music Channel

This is the way of the future In another 5 to 10 years learning another language will be redundant
Comment from : freethinker1

This was a great video
Comment from : cclevel45

Olivous Retro
Which translator was best?
Comment from : Olivous Retro

Team Shaboobalu
@ 11:09 - The background shot of them LMFAO!!!!
Comment from : Team Shaboobalu

Those people that were waving at you all the way until you we're out of the park we're the cutest ever
Comment from : ycnea

Lulu Lulu
I need that for watching vtuber :3
Comment from : Lulu Lulu

Larry Medina
This is great! brI want arabic
Comment from : Larry Medina

Koko Kita
I want this magical language thingy 😍🤣
Comment from : Koko Kita

I am having a baby boy with my Japanese wife of 8 years and I need a translator so I can finally speak to family in Japan properly I also think this might be helpful to learn simple words and phrases
Comment from : Kalipolis

Ashleigh Miller
I wish you had translated what it really translatedyou guys laughed a lot in parts but didn't let us in on the joke I don't know if it nailed it, or if it didn't
Comment from : Ashleigh Miller

Antacitra Channel
it's an amazing gadget, and for me it's like changing my view of the translation tool that has only been controlled by the internet, especially google
Comment from : Antacitra Channel

dina pratomo
This is fun, u know smtime u look like that guy who's play cpt America
Comment from : dina pratomo

johnson zhang
I must practice my English well, or I need to buy this equipment
Comment from : johnson zhang

Reminds me of when i went to a restaurant in japan with some English speaking friends, and the waiter was trying to let us know that they had run out of noodles and he had used google translatethe translation was funnyaccording to google translate “we have run out of noodles” translates to “the noodles have disappeared” 🤣
Comment from : jurrassitol15

I loved the ladies in the back still waving goodbye, lol
Comment from : MaMeMu

this was a fascinating watch
Comment from : Jabrils

Drew David
Which translator was this? Trying to price compare
Comment from : Drew David

Amber Cleminson
What a useful little device, I wonder if it could be used to help language learning?
Comment from : Amber Cleminson

Arthur Danielles
Good vid folks ! Enjoyable and I think you meant it was 'raining DATS UN COGS' 👀🤣🤣
Comment from : Arthur Danielles

Honest Review 🥰
Comment from : MAJITH AKA

el toro
Really helps when in massage parlor
Comment from : el toro

Lol No i Rather Learn The Language Itself Rather Than Using a Translator brIts Because Google Translate Sometimes Struggle With A Very WordsbrbrPardon Me For My Bad Grammar English Isnt My Mother Tongue
Comment from : ‌

Some people say reading Japanese books and translating it to English then writing it down and studying it helped them expand their vocabulary but how do I know if the translation is accurate
Comment from : Isabell

Toornap Tarraa
11:10 that is so adorable
Comment from : Toornap Tarraa

Max ofB
"men's Makeup room"some of us like top powder their nose too! :P
Comment from : Max ofB

31k now! 🙌
Comment from : Pooja

Letsgo Brandon
bhe looks like Sasha Daygame!/b
Comment from : Letsgo Brandon

Ian of Liverpool
I love the Japanese such awesome people
Comment from : Ian of Liverpool

chris sibraa
The device what you been using is pretty handy to have if people who don’t know how to speak English or Japanese I am thinking of buying one for myself to travel over there to Japan
Comment from : chris sibraa

go nova
Good review
Comment from : go nova

Michael Toney
How many languages does this work for?
Comment from : Michael Toney

Those girls are so sweet😍
Comment from : LOLA LOLIC

Betty G
I always wanted to know if this really works or notthank you! I think for tourists to ask basic questions, it's pretty good 👍🏼
Comment from : Betty G

Denny L
You got to admit it that technology is amazing
Comment from : Denny L

Ravi Mahli
Getting before my birthday present for me
Comment from : Ravi Mahli

Oh wow never mind whoe that's cool!!!
Comment from : N N

How do you know what they say?
Comment from : N N

rose eternity
I keep my google translate it’s free
Comment from : rose eternity

11:09 lulz
Comment from : Outland

google translate se this video , is rage !
Comment from : EREN JAEGER

Diego Weissel
Sherry's got a wonderful smile and is sooo nice!
Comment from : Diego Weissel

Diego Weissel
where do I sign in to see/know how the intimate language part works
Comment from : Diego Weissel

at 11:02 the part when they waved in the background was really cute hahaha
Comment from : adam

Thank you The company needs to do better it's just using translate but less accurate
Comment from : dantae666

Nilvia Rivera
I tried this And japan pepol Understanded me
Comment from : Nilvia Rivera

duncan seville
Sherry is adorable
Comment from : duncan seville

I need thisI work for a Japanese company
Comment from : rlorion

It's amazing to see how far translator apps have come! Obviously were nowhere near a "Universal translator" ala Star Trek, but I'd like to think things are getting pretty good! One thing that's a shame is that it doesn't seem to matter what gender the speaker is, you get a feminine voice It'd be nice to hear both (or is that an option that you didn't show?) Ironically I got an add for this translator device when I clicked on the video!
Comment from : Serenova

Might be able to learn japanese from this
Comment from : onespeed

Yoda I am
Could you do a vid of this device vs Pocketalk?
Comment from : Yoda I am

Comment from : AoE CRONZ

Cherish York
Awesome video Norm Perhaps the device can be used for emergencies in case there are certain phrases that don't make sense I kind of wished that the device on the translation of kanji worked a lot more better
Comment from : Cherish York

1:01 top right there is hatsune miku :0
Comment from : Fantome`Iris

The first time I went to my job, in Tokyo, the administration department of my company used a device like this ^_^ I also wanted to buy a translator but I did not because I don't want to be lazy at learning Japanese If really need a translation (no choice), google translate can do the job However, you need to understand a little bit Japanese to correct some sentences, especially verbs with wrong conjugation or informal language
Comment from : rockkavenue

Opera Singer
Guess keep the phrases simple
Comment from : Opera Singer

Rick Johanson
Flaws and all, I'm sold Even just as a way to break the ice, this could be worth it
Comment from : Rick Johanson

Js play
This is pretty fun and helpful content I can't wait to take this to Japan with me instead of hiring a part time translator brbrKeep up the content :)
Comment from : Js play

Marc visalli
I think you should do a demonstration with a conversation like short back n forth banter
Comment from : Marc visalli

Sjaak Schulteis
A friend of mine gave me a enence translater and I really wonder what it can do better then Google Translator, which is free on my phone With the enence I need a phone, software and internet anyway So what is the perpose of having an extra device with me that can't do anything without my phone?
Comment from : Sjaak Schulteis

I did notice it missed her saying "interpreter" but not "translator"brbrInteresting
Comment from : ashitano_joe

I bought one of these devices (the one from Inspire Uplift which is advertised on YouTube) and for the most part it worked pretty well The biggest problem was online connectivity since I didn't leave it on all the time and it took a little while to connect It also featured other languages which I'm familiar with and was hit & miss with accuracy Latin based stuff was more or less flawless but Asian languages were kind of rough (with the exception of Japanese)brbrbrPersonally, I had more success with just a phrase book This device is good in a pinch as a dictionary, but expressing meaning goes beyond literal translation as you so eloquently demonstrated
Comment from : DariusQ

Hammer Down Under
Can see the obvious benefits of these translating devices but have 2 worries/points … 1 if it translates incorrectly it could confuse even offend the other person and you may not know why … 2 it will perhaps make people even less likely to learn the others language … until we can stick a babel fish in our ears it might be best to use them cautiously! ps nice to see Sherry in a Norm vid again
Comment from : Hammer Down Under

Bill Blinky
Thanks for this test It was really interesting for mebrbrWe are awaiting one of these translation devices to come through the post Afterwards we will trial it at our local Japanese restaurant, where the staff are amazing Then, once we get a feel for what it can and can't do, we will phone our friend in Japan to see if we can get information about a visit that they are planning to make to our home later in the year brbrAt the moment my greatest concern is that (based on your experiment), it might give the information that is opposite to my intention But I LIVE IN HOPE
Comment from : Bill Blinky

Thanks to this video ended up getting the device and I like it Ease of use is the best thing I don't expect perfection but it does the job
Comment from : cejohnso

Alek White
How come I never had any suggestions to this channel up until now? Thank you for the review for this translator At first I thought they are lying about being 90 accurate I do believe that you cannot rely on this thing completely and learning the language even a bit would help Great video anyway, looking forward to more videos
Comment from : Alek White

11:09 I'm dying so cute!!!!
Comment from : Luutoo

Bill Blinky
I was very interested in these devices because later this year I will be visited by some Japanese friends and I am hoping to be able to enjoy more in depth conversations with them than my 'scratching' Nihon Go provides at the moment So for me this was very revealing
Comment from : Bill Blinky

Lee Morris
Great, although perhaps there could have been more Japanese into EnglishbrbrKoko de koi ni ochiru koto wa kanōdesu ka?
Comment from : Lee Morris

fried IT
Why did they edit out 8:27 ? lol
Comment from : fried IT

fried IT
so now the only thing i have to learn is basic japanese, yes, no, ok and thank you
Comment from : fried IT

fried IT
i need this
Comment from : fried IT

I'm assuming its mens make up room because that's what toilets are called in Korea sometimes
Comment from : CpShura

I actually think it was better than google translate It had a few hiccups but overall came out sounding better than the google version I also agree that it would probably be used more often than google translate probably does and the only thing google translate has over it is the camera function so if it was me, I would have both The translator for oral and google translate for signage I didn't see you guys test out jokes on it though, I was looking forward to that
Comment from : John

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