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Maria Corazon Ogata
The best election that we have 2022 election
Comment from : Maria Corazon Ogata

Cryptic xXX
We have not forgotten the pasf we woke up
Comment from : Cryptic xXX

Dondon Sanjose
Takot ang mga tong umunlad ang Pilipinas Gusto nila cla ang superior 😂
Comment from : Dondon Sanjose

Ysidore Calanno
no memories utot mo lahat ng bumoto ipinanganak 60s at 70s gago na to
Comment from : Ysidore Calanno

Alegre Domingo
All what ypuve said about the marcoses are all untrue
Comment from : Alegre Domingo

Howie De Leon
1986 Phil revolution was a Big lie! Everyone should get their facts checked All those politicians under The Aquino’s are done Philippines will recover again soon because President Bong Bong Marcos will make sure our country will be on top again in Asia and in the whole world
Comment from : Howie De Leon

UnpredictableMinds - Roblox LetsPlays
Gather your facts BBM attended debates and allowed so many interviewsHe just refused debates organized by 2 bias media outlets He was smart to have done so He laid out his platform for a better Philippines and ignored questions about his late father coz' these questions are the same questions that they have been answering for the past 3 decades All these are in the archives that the media can just go back to Such a waste of time for BBM to entertain these again when he could spare more of his time discussing his platform Smart move!!! The other candidates on the other hand concentrated on mudslinging BBM Wrong move! Filipinos are tired and have had enough Filipinos want to move forward like the rest of the world!!!
Comment from : UnpredictableMinds - Roblox LetsPlays

UnpredictableMinds - Roblox LetsPlays
Here are non Filipinos talking about the Philippines! Democracy as dysfunctional??? You guys don't know what you are talking about!!! Once again, an international media trying to paint badly the Marcoses Mga pakialamero kayo!!! Magsitigil na kayo di kayo nakakatulong!!!
Comment from : UnpredictableMinds - Roblox LetsPlays

Philippine is run by Warlords! 👹
Comment from : Mr TW

Virginia Galvez
David Cameroux? Who are you ? Do you live here in Philippines? How much are you paid by the opposition's of the Marco's Government?Please sir stop talking because you don't know the real "common Filipinos" that suffered much not with the Marcos Regime but with THE AQUINO GOVERNMENT
Comment from : Virginia Galvez

You can explain why on the way they react, comment in everything they saw in any form of media They consider themselves expert in history eventho, worst case, they were not born yet at that time they say they know the real truth Really funny
Comment from : Jayson

Jude Dacpano
You only invented Marcos as dictator you biased international media backed by CIA
Comment from : Jude Dacpano

Irene’s Charity Ph
Truth has been prevail!! And we’re no longer blinded to the false history!!! Philippine will be great again #Mabuhay Ang Pilipinas
Comment from : Irene’s Charity Ph

Aurora Andrada
The Filipinos love the Marcoses- they realize that the past is not what they were made to believe
Comment from : Aurora Andrada

ador meh
we don't forget the past that's why we're trying to bring back the marcoses on power we already prove philipines needs a strong leadership 30 years of destructions from past administration is enough bring back the power in the government
Comment from : ador meh

Orland Julio
You Guys talking our country,you receive wrong information people member of communist party …agaist democracy you guys had to research , before made comments Our country during martial law is peaceful no treat to communism…
Comment from : Orland Julio

Aris Olimpo
hahaha! democracy in the philippines is dysfunctional? i say you are delusional! mind your own business in your own country!
Comment from : Aris Olimpo

Pak De Munir
The mentality of low educated people from 3rd world country They forget the past easily
Comment from : Pak De Munir

No, we did not forget but we learned the real story behind
Comment from : E B

Pulan tubig
Nothing new, still don't know anything about the country Based on what you just reported, It seems that after the overthrow of Marcos Sr the country got worst
Comment from : Pulan tubig

Affinity for Daily Living
Nope we didn’t forget the past, we remembered the past, that is why we are bringing another Marcos to lead our country
Comment from : Affinity for Daily Living

Seulbi Lee
You people should really just interview Enrile, since he also witnessed it
Comment from : Seulbi Lee

Ongkicks gaming
Marcos is a true leader, not a dictator
Comment from : Ongkicks gaming

Kimberly Paris
No, we didn't We're not glorifying martial law All military abuses should be condemned as much as the communist rebels But should we tell you that after Marcos Sr was ousted, the next admin freed the Communist leaders of the Philippines? People accused Marcos when Ninoy Aquino was killed (face of Liberal democracy) but up until now, they haven't figured out who's the mastermind, even if the gunman pointed out their very own relative All the accusations brought the family to exile before trial About the ill-gotten wealth (unidentified wealth), they didn't allow Marcos Sr to go home and explain himself There are so many loopholes in our history and our political scientists know that All I'm hearing with the gentleman is the one-sided narrative we've learned from our history books and local media for three decades We missed other information, not misinformed
Comment from : Kimberly Paris

Timawa Ragumo
this saw called expert are not living in the Philippine, so you judge branother foreigne/so-called expert dipping their fingers, on another country's issues
Comment from : Timawa Ragumo

Marlon Andres
We dont forget what sr marcos did he did a lot of ryt thing being a strong economy and been destroyed by you americans who help the Aquinos to destroy this country and you all happy seeing us pilipinos being poor and poorer because of Aquinos leadership who gave all the govt properties to his Families cojuangco, and friends Lopez who manipulated and puppet the pilipinos believing that marcos is the evil and gods never sleep Duterte came and change it allso stop saying like you know what reallly happen to our country you are all a Bull!
Comment from : Marlon Andres

sakura 🌶️
They be mad coz illegalforeign owned medias are to shutdown in the Philippines 🤣
Comment from : sakura 🌶️

Teresita Cadiente
Sir, You don't know about marcoses And most of all you don't know about Philippines
Comment from : Teresita Cadiente

The Problem Game
totally wrong mr David all of it
Comment from : The Problem Game

Rex Lalas
Solid Marcos ❣️
Comment from : Rex Lalas

bias analyst
Comment from : Jameson

Restituto Reyes
Do you know what you're talking about? The Filipino people more than
Comment from : Restituto Reyes

Mathias Cronqvist
You talk to a so called expert in Philippine who is not a Filipino and you call the thing you do as journalism?
Comment from : Mathias Cronqvist

Stan Laur
The nerve of you to say that
Comment from : Stan Laur

Troa Lacasandile
U don't know the real history of what happened in the past No social media before so the real videos and information at that time is very limited specially to those media who wanted to remove Marcos in Malacanang We are thankful that most of the Filipino awakened this time and very eager to protect the Marcos against those people who has evil motive Journalist like u should know the real history first And heavens justice is now given to the Marcos family,,,and we Filipinos are very happy for that
Comment from : Troa Lacasandile

Alejandro Loterono
Actually too much freedom in the Philippines and why foriegn people say our democracy is disfunctional? People are actually free to express their opinion So many twisted story regarding our beloved country
Comment from : Alejandro Loterono

Alejandro Loterono
Marcos is not dictator he is our best president ever
Comment from : Alejandro Loterono

Manuel Tumamao
why in heavens name that you interview a research person who is not even from the Philippines?its like basically like MACRON won the presidency and all of a sudden here you are interviewing a research person from the Philippines and ask his/her opinion about on how or why did he wonwhat might be your french viewers reaction of it if you air it online im just asking?
Comment from : Manuel Tumamao

reception blcp
Ph Did not forget the damage done by aquino leaders
Comment from : reception blcp

just forfun
No they did not forget the pastthey just remember all the incompetent administrations who followed ferdinand
Comment from : just forfun

Richard Ong
France will soon fall It will happen soon the anti war in France will succeed to oust the evil macron government
Comment from : Richard Ong

I dont think ppl from the new generation(like me) know most of the things that happened in the past but the reason why I kinda support him is because of good english and his attitude he like takes it slow and easy and thinks twice before saying anything and makes sure he doesn't say anything bad or threatening to other countries like make sure he doesn't get killed before he even gets elected (lol) but we are unsure of his plans since he really just keeps things to himself to avoid conflict or negative opinions maybe he is quiet like that to avoid the creation of some theories that will pull down the trust of Marcos and the support he's given by the ppl br(Idk just a theory A GAME THEORY-)
Comment from : JellyBeancattofan

Babydel xd
We haven't forgotten the past that's why we voted BBM
Comment from : Babydel xd

Mary ann Sumagaysay
You you ruin our democracy We love marcoses Tell the truth not those lies
Comment from : Mary ann Sumagaysay

Pm Castillo
durint pres marcos i was elementary and highschool ph was very rich free milk and oats everyday our teachers was angry with us, bcoz we dont bring home the powder milk
Comment from : Pm Castillo

Pm Castillo
nothing wrong with dynasty, as long as the people voted it philippines election system is better than the USA USA dont care about the homeless people do not care about drug addictions has free tuition will the philippines top universities are all fee, with universal heath system
Comment from : Pm Castillo

It was rebellion and not revolution EDSA is only an avenue not representing the entire Philippines
Comment from : malik031855

Luis Angelo Arceta Cabuyao
We didn't forget the past, that's why we voted for him
Comment from : Luis Angelo Arceta Cabuyao

The Filipinos have not forgotten the past…on the contrary, the people are now wide awake and free from the Yellow turned Pink Cult and their LIES,DECEPTION and MALICIOUS MISINFORMATION!! It’s easy to tell the foreigners too lazy to do their research and prefer being gullible to the PinkLawan narrative I doubt you foreigners have even been to the country and talked with real locals…or is it a case of “the Price is Right”?!…envelopmental journalism at work??
Comment from : micho474

Gen Rev
Pilipinos have been fooled but now sees the truth
Comment from : Gen Rev

Only I can say goodluck for Philippines
Comment from : DG YTC

Cynthia Callo
President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos are not dictator he is the best President of the Philippines❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇫🇷
Comment from : Cynthia Callo

Bernard Allauigan
Hahaha judge me not by my ancestors Well I think you yourself knew it sir?
Comment from : Bernard Allauigan

Em Safdari
You don't have credibility to speakbrAbout the Philippines and aboutbrThe Marcoses All what you said arebrNot true
Comment from : Em Safdari

Em Safdari
Don't call him a dictator brHe is the best President of the Philippines The Filipino peoplebrLoves him Wrong ,wrong brInformation about the Marcoses brThey are good peopleFake news
Comment from : Em Safdari

I Love Plump Grannies
Filipinos did not forget about the past They simply woke up and freed themselves from the brainwashing and realized they've been lied to for many decades by the mainstream media
Comment from : I Love Plump Grannies

Moon Sun
FEM was not a dictator! Stop spreading this misinformation!
Comment from : Moon Sun

Stebo Dela Serna
Comment from : Stebo Dela Serna

morris ignacio
We do not forget the past and we are all aware of the future We do not keep our hate in our heart
Comment from : morris ignacio

Margarita Kellogg
We have not that’s why Marcos won
Comment from : Margarita Kellogg

i love rnb
And who are these people? talking as if they were born Filipino
Comment from : i love rnb

tsuks acor
We never forget! But we live for many years with a lies 🤔😔
Comment from : tsuks acor

Norwin Tuano
Disinformation?brbrTry harder
Comment from : Norwin Tuano

Wilredo Rodriguez
We beg to disagree with Mr Comroux Your knowledge about us and our country is obsolete You have no right to talk about us because you are not living with us Lately we have more trust on our goverment Change has come to the country since Pres Duterte took over the presidency
Comment from : Wilredo Rodriguez

My parents lived during the Marcos era they said it was much better during those time and the biggest mistake they’ve made was to participate in the revolution, most of parents in ph tells this to their children So your chart doesn’t make sense and your analysis is a turd 💩🤣 This Martin probably got his information in wikipedia! Lols
Comment from : Ken

Michonne Rowley
You should interview someone who is actually from the Philippines, a Filipino and who knows the culture of our government and its people Not someone who is an outsider that most likely can only get information online or a few people from media
Comment from : Michonne Rowley

Earvin Jordan Binlayo
Prang mga tanga tong mga Puti na to hilig makialam sa Ibang bansa samantalang may bansa sila na pede nilang gawing content d BA kayo maka move on ? Kawawang mga Puti walang presidente na maayos Kaya Ibang bansa ang ginagawang topic
Comment from : Earvin Jordan Binlayo

Rosalinda Cruz
Bongbong Marcos is smarter than you two FOI he attended an SMNI debate and a lot of interviews The problem here are the stream media who are bias and anti Marcos that their agenda is just to shame BBM After the father of BBM , all the following President made the country worsen the situation here And if you want to know a thousand cases was filed and they won most of the cases thrown to them because there’s no evidence or enough evidence to prove that they were guilty The 31M Filipinos voted to BBM for we want to see the glorious day we had during Marcos time He will continue the legacy of his father and also of Duterte We believe that he will be a good president a leader and that he is the right person who will make a progressive Philippine
Comment from : Rosalinda Cruz

Lanie Vega
We don't forget the good things they had done period am 1 of those 31 m
Comment from : Lanie Vega

watching the wheels
Filipinos voted evil because they felt the government is hopeless already so why bother
Comment from : watching the wheels

ulosira apla mga to mga potsu 🤣
Comment from : SALJ

we did not forget we just don't want the yellow (Aquino, liberal party) dynasty to continue and mr expert, democracy in the Philippines is not dysfunctional it is fun to hear that word from a white guy who pretends to know everything it only shows that you know less and words from a person who know less is dangerous
Comment from : Solo

Its payback time 😆 give back the interest of marcos gold 🤪
Comment from : J C

Well, why don't you forget the past if it is untrue and a big mistake? That's what Filipino people realized!
Comment from : M I K E

Jacinto Cruz
what are u talking about your info came from bias media and american prropagandist that wanted to inslave our people again
Comment from : Jacinto Cruz

sonny vargas
Democracy in the Philippines is disfunctional? Seriously? How dare you
Comment from : sonny vargas

ofelia Neri
ang kapal ng mukha ng matandang ito nakikisali hindi nman nya alam ang totoong nangyayari sa bansa
Comment from : ofelia Neri

huylee Ching
You do not fully know the history of the Philippines under Marcos Sr and rely only on the opposition black propaganda I am a Pilipino who lived and grew in the Philippines during those years of Marcos regime I can say Marcos administration is much better than those years after him To say Marcos is a dictator and corrupt is WRONG, the Aquino regime is worst, and the main stream bias media is catering to these lies🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Comment from : huylee Ching

Rann Arann
The filipinos will never forget the past both old and young generation The real dictator was cory aquino Look how she revise the constitution without the involvement of the legislative and judiciary
Comment from : Rann Arann

Aurora Elamparo
Don't talk nonsense if you don't know the truth
Comment from : Aurora Elamparo

Angelo Gutlay
Still Marcos! Still Marcos! Still Marcos! VICTORY!
Comment from : Angelo Gutlay

Marilou de Asis
You're entitled to your opinion We voted for him to give our country a chance ;for continues progress after Dutertes leadership Mind your own country
Comment from : Marilou de Asis

Uvynel Antiquina
Duterte out,, Duterte in,,,,
Comment from : Uvynel Antiquina

Talking heads saying something about another country's politics and certain politician they may have bever met Tsk tsk Credible
Comment from : Pleasant

You mean to say you know more than us? We lived and experience the late President Marcos government versus the yellow President whom in that time sell all the government own property and businesses like Electric and water supply also the Philippine Airlines with only promissory note to her relatives and close constituent This effect has risen to the monopoly of basic things that should be cheap but it was control by a few trillionaire in my country And who in their right mind you release all criminals when you won a Presidency?
Comment from : DistributionLife

Never had a job? Possibly because "Marcos and his wife Louise have business interests with Augustus Management Inc, a management company based in Laoag, Ilocos Norte and NIV Property Holding Co, Inc"
Comment from : Sining

Kitty Kitkath
Bbm is our President
Comment from : Kitty Kitkath

Kazue-kyun Hamasaki
(Hi filipino here) they voted for him because of those conspiracy theories about Marcos this is a huge insult to our intelligence i am very disappointed to my fellow countrymen
Comment from : Kazue-kyun Hamasaki

What is happening in USA right now?
Comment from : FBI

Jinnefer Torrentira
Wow! Foreigners think they are living in the Philippines, they know everything
Comment from : Jinnefer Torrentira

༻Mitsuki Haru༺
Justdont bother anymore You foreigners cant understand the mindset of us filipinos No hate
Comment from : ༻Mitsuki Haru༺

Melvin Tanio
The Philippines was highly progressive during the former Marcos administration The Filipinos were well of during his time The former President Ferdinand E Marcos Sr may be the greatest president in Philippine history A great statesman!
Comment from : Melvin Tanio

Bubzy Legaspi
Marcos dictatorship?🤣🤣🤣brIt's d AQUINQ who was a DICTATOR!!!brIT'S their own ONE sided narrative that d MARCOSes is evil etcbrHistory SHLD be REVISED!!!brNever again to AQUINOS' etal who made d Filipinos suffer and DID NOTHING to improve d economy!!brMartial Law before was a MUST!!!brCOMMUNISM in d Philippines is soooooooo rampant and wanted to overthrow d gov't!!!!
Comment from : Bubzy Legaspi

Stfu all of you don’t live in Philippines Mostly that voted marcos are old younger generation voted leni mostly are college students you see on the rally
Comment from : Sward

This man is also a victim of anti Marcos propagandist DONT HATE HIM BUT RATHER LET US br EDUCATE HIM
Comment from : lig ATAROM

A San
These are the same people that says Biden is a great presidentbrRemember Marcos will continue the Du30 drug warbrNow you wonder why the pushback?
Comment from : A San

i just hope FEM has no gold in france bank or else 🤣🤣
Comment from : Maika YmTGMNG

gloria moncado
Excuse me we were never under dictatorship government better research more to know the truth dont just believe what the opposition says
Comment from : gloria moncado

scroll down
Only the past is their only source of information they even know what is real reason behind the martial law in our country this westerners keeps on feeding a false information towards other they just adding the flame to fire up our desire to put marcos on power they dont know greed of power the aquinos are, so please dont say anything if you're not even a filipino, a super majority of us voted for him and thats says it all
Comment from : scroll down

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