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How The Economy Of Japan Could Predict The Next Decade

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Title :  How The Economy Of Japan Could Predict The Next Decade
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Economics Explained
Get between $3 and $300 to in free stock when you sign up to Public at ➡ publiccom/EE
Comment from : Economics Explained

Simply japanese people are too old We need more immigrants but japanese are too conservative! Feel free to come Some people are very welcoming to you
Comment from : كينتو

Suraj Grewal
funny how, America has screwed Japan up multiple times, and yet they are on friendly terms While China has always been helped by America and yet are enemies
Comment from : Suraj Grewal

Mohammed Darweesh
I like your videos but this is a very biased video, UAE and KSA are projected to be some of largest economies in the world in the next few years with investments in industry, tourism, real estate development, etc Saying dubai is not a world class tourism destination also is a weak argument, try going between november and march and you’ll find crowds similar to those in europe
Comment from : Mohammed Darweesh

Crystal Dragon
Japan has the lowest homelessness rate, and if we were to judge economy by how much of the population is taken care of, then it number 1
Comment from : Crystal Dragon

This video is definitely troubling after Frontline's piece, Easy Money
Comment from : mechengr17

Caleb Fielding
You need to have a growing population to have a growing economy "What about china" The cities have a growing population, everywhere else is desperately poor
Comment from : Caleb Fielding

"The first thing American companies think of when they get a large injection of cash is how do we reinvest this into the business?"brYeah, that's what happens
Comment from : Lobster

Hemant Pandey
Technology creates deflation and hence money printing does nothing inflationary Technology creates $1 trillion deflation per month worldwide We need more money printing to save ourselves from deflationary collapse!!
Comment from : Hemant Pandey

Of course infinite growth in a non infinite environment isn't sustainable, but how rich can you get before it collapses?
Comment from : braddeicide

Hello Farkness
You leave out altogether US meddling and crippling sanctions in the 80s, because US can’t actually compete
Comment from : Hello Farkness

Nonsense Theatersociety
Competitive not comparative
Comment from : Nonsense Theatersociety

Robin Marks
Japan is great at farming Why is America better than Japan at farming Because, America is a factory farm America is wasting vast amounts of water and land and energy and pesticides in order to produce at a massive scale Japan doesn't have the land or water America isn't great a farming They depleted the soil, poison the water, destroys nature, and produce vast amounts of waste and carbon emissions It's unsustainable and the food it produces are devoid of nutrient and taste Our fruit and vegetables are designed to look good and be durable during transportation They've breed out the healthy compounds and it's basically pretty Styrofoam Modern farms are creating diseases and pests that are immune to our chemical treatments Coffee and banana plantations are struggling with disease and since the farms don't have natural buffer zones, the diseases and pest just jump to the next farm Prepare Grow some food for yourself Stop being a consumer If civilization has a crisis, it will make the disruptions will make the measures of "the thing" look mild by comparison Inflation and shortages will shock you It's a house of cards
Comment from : Robin Marks

Always interested in learning about Japan I enjoy learning about various aspects of Japanese culture and society They do need to change their work culture though The "salary man" model means that corporations expect workers to dedicate their lives to that company Not everyone works incorporate, of course, but there is a reason "death from over working" is a condition in Japan
Comment from : feylights

Why can't they just embrace diversity and knife attacks, bombings etc like the rest of us??? >:(((
Comment from : Sassy

Loïc Desiron
We're just going to come to peace with the fact we're going to live with less than the previous generation And that it is actually a net positive Because previous generations have been using and abusing everything at alarming rate Let's be happy we can take it slower
Comment from : Loïc Desiron

Matthew Kinoshita
this video is trippy I've been to all the places shown brit even showed my old school which is just on a random street
Comment from : Matthew Kinoshita

Why does it have to increase? Is there no equilibrium in economic theory? That's one thing I've never understood
Comment from : FUGGle

Slavic Man Uber your ass CuNT
Japan got the highest national debt in the world together with the USA Living on a debt Building economies and standard of living on a debt Simply put, a charade
Comment from : Slavic Man Uber your ass CuNT

kasun 8888
don't waste time for rude country!
Comment from : kasun 8888

kasun 8888
Comment from : kasun 8888

Maple Miles
Despite the country high debt the country is still third biggest economy in the world and it looks like their living five to ten years in the future This makes my country Canada look poor but my country economy is number ten with a small 37 million population
Comment from : Maple Miles

Ahmed Suliman
i think you underestimate the effects of the aging population so far japan has been able to keep afloat but in 20 years their current workforce will essentially be half of what they are now They will either need to double productivity to remain stagnant or they will fall Or japan can relax and promote immigration which as you mentioned can fill the hole
Comment from : Ahmed Suliman

Bavarian Ben Kenobi
Do we ever get from you a direct answer to the question of infinit growth in a finite worldbrSecond video in a row I watched, where you ask the question in the context but never answer it in the context
Comment from : Bavarian Ben Kenobi

henry Clifford James
Heard someone say the best season for a financial breakthrough is now, especially with inflation running at a four-decade high I have approximately $750k stagnant in my portfolio that needs growth What is the best way to take advantage of this downturn?
Comment from : henry Clifford James

Jav ruled the world
Comment from : H P W

I really can’t see how people think that infinite growth is possible? “Oh, it’s just going to keep going up!”- said some douche bags before the housing crash!!!
Comment from : HarlokCastle

fred barnes
No more people, no more growth
Comment from : fred barnes

Imo the biggest problem of Japan is the increasing elder population, the system favoriting them and the low birth ratebrbrI think Japan is growing, but can’t keep up with the elder population increasingbrbrMandatory retirement pension fee is not to save for your retirement, it’s to pay the current retired people And since elders are increasing and working people decreasing, each year you need to support more eldersbrbrAnother example of the system favoriting elders is, as an elder you don’t pay insurance but get 90 of all your medical expenses covered As a young couple, you pay medical insurance (70 covered), retirement, and still pay big amount of money to give birth a child in a maternity hospital while having a low salary and no much savings
Comment from : frkkz

nazar En
Comment from : nazar En

Imagine lower the dollar so that the citizens would spend more and get less 🎉
Comment from : Number9WithFries

Janice Wolk
I have looked to Japan as a future predictor for thirty years The end of manic growth is nigh As we start losing population, figuring out what no growth means America has carried the rest of the world on its shoulders since WWII Like Atlas Only when there is an unfair imbalance do most Americans pay attention Everyone goes nuts on occasion I was a tax lawyer in the 1980's and I believe investment bankers in America and Britain caused this problem Remember Michael Milken? I was in a big shot meeting with some of these guys, who were joking that after the coming debt collapse they would make money on restructuring bankruptcies Of course they were right, while doing wrong
Comment from : Janice Wolk

Lol this did not age well roflmao
Comment from : ktkace

Not sure Japan would do so well if national debt was included in your rating system
Comment from : justjackman

Comment from : 妈祖

Seyi Ariyo
A “cultural hesitancy to rely on immigration to rejuvenate the workforce” is a really cute way of saying that the culture in Japan is very much racist and xenophobic
Comment from : Seyi Ariyo

This is why we need to start pulling away from Capitalism and start focusing on degrowth economics and eco friendly societies Manufacture less cheap goods and instead on quality products, services and lifestyle Economic systems usually only have a lifespan of 150 - 300 years and we've just about hit that point with our current system
Comment from : RÍOGHNACH

Truth above ALL
In 2015 they decided to roll out Reaganomics to their detriment brbrAlso they r America’s lap dogs but should remember we don’t have permanent Friends only interests
Comment from : Truth above ALL

s c
Japan is definitely a canary for our futures
Comment from : s c

Tj Wolf
They just need to make more kids
Comment from : Tj Wolf

Japan's economy is in finite growth
Comment from : athashin

Japan has the most advanced and efficient farms Just not enough flat land to feed the population
Comment from : ArgentFox

Simon G
Second saying that US companies think first about reinvesting in utter BS with share buy backs playing an increasing role in company financial decisions This is starting to sound more like PR
Comment from : Simon G

Simon G
I'd really like that Info on US disposable income fact checked given wages have stagnated and purchasing power decreased since 70s Ofc there are offsets in cheaper goods so I'd like to see if that pans out
Comment from : Simon G

If the gdp decrease less than the population, it's still growing
Comment from : Tenma

Michael Kiese
If Japan is in trouble, China is in for even more pain
Comment from : Michael Kiese

This is the best explanation of quantitative easing I’ve heard yet Fascinating Thank you!
Comment from : Kirby

I wish you had truly addressed the capitalism conundrum Capitalism either has tremendous booms and busts which society rejects as too dislocating or it requires a steady growth rate But so far capitalism has resulted in concentrated wealth in a far too slender of the population which seems to inevitably lead to lower birth rates and restricted growth rates, threatening the systembrbrIs there a proper resolution to this?? Is it that capitalism has to morph into socialism where wealth is translated into security for almost all? In that case, given things like climate change and other large scale systemic issues will capitalism grow itself to a collapse point because the planet couldn't sustain the growth?brbrInquiring minds want to know! (at least what your take is on these big questions)
Comment from : GiantBlue1963

Satyam Bhartee
Well on another note, if all you are eating are totally clean items, not sugar, not excessive salt, such food stuff, green vegetables, that wont cause early morning lethargy
Comment from : Satyam Bhartee

Satyam Bhartee
Comment from : Satyam Bhartee

Satyam Bhartee
Comment from : Satyam Bhartee

The Wise Person
Fukushima Dai'ichi accident will ruin Japan's economy in the long term The Japanese population will sicken with time as the radioactive dust and water contamination ruins the health of Japanese citizens
Comment from : The Wise Person

At all times, I rely on Adam Smith He noted two relevant and important things: how money in the form of notes will continuously circulate and return to the banks from whence they originated, in a rising fit of greed, and that government will bail out bad banks by the creation of a central repository for bad debts Japan, in my view, is not an exception to any rule It is a culturally permissive environment to failings which befall all late-stage banking greed Timing is always tbd
Comment from : Temporary

Adora Tsang
It's why Japan's right wing is growing, "Made Japan Great Again"brThere are a lot of people who believe women needs to stay at home to free up jobs for men to increase productivity And they believe in reinstating the military, etc
Comment from : Adora Tsang

Comment from : 里邵东

Laboni Nath
Can you do one for Bangladesh
Comment from : Laboni Nath

Deflation is bad because, It’s the worst when people can save up their money and afford things
Comment from : CaptainRex7567

Khalid AlAli
Japan is fine I think it will also benefit from its aging population, below-replacement level birth rate, and huge volume of exports The more automation takes hold of things, the less jobs will be created for humans Making it the perfect scenario for 🇯🇵, and allowing it to safeguard its high standards and quality of living, if not slightly increasing it with time for its dwindling population Countries with young populations and high fertility rates, will be done for Thanks to climate change, global warming, weak institutions, and last but not least, automation
Comment from : Khalid AlAli

If a slope be ahead of thee, it will be a decline
Japan has been strongly economically dependent on the US since the conclusion of the US-Japan security treaty, which is a beginning product of the cold war between the US and the Soviet Union brThe cold war vanished in December 1991 brJapan's economy only goes into the suitable state
Comment from : If a slope be ahead of thee, it will be a decline

Cross Vinburn
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Comment from : Cross Vinburn

I love how Economics Explained covered this 9 months before anyone else on YouTube
Comment from : henry

Josh L
"Is it time to accept that infinite expansion in a finite world is not sustainable for any economy?" brbrMy question is why anyone feels that is even a question up for debate It's a lot like asking "Is it time to accept that gravity keeps our feet to the ground?" brbrThe implications of the current economic order is we will constantly need to expand into new markets and exploit new labor forces and extract ever more resources in order to sustain it Moreover, in order for it to remain profitable, production must always cost less from a capital standpoint than the price of a good at point of sale This necessarily means there are winners and losers In such a system, there will always need to be an impoverished underclass in order to service the luxuriant lifestyles of an upper class But even more than that, eventually you hit a wall called physics The planet only has so much timber, ore, energy, and other essential inputs that you can possibly harvest Sometimes those growth limits are imposed by political barriers (ie a third world country no longer wants to let Western corporations screw their people over) and other times it's due to ecological limitations And when you hit that wall, it means war and privation for the masses brbrThe end game of this system is catabolic capitalism, where as we hit the planet's hard limits to growth, society's elites will turn to destructive investments in order to sustain growth Western leaders will begin strip mining their own societies They will pour money into the arms industry and start wars abroad Mark my words It's coming And soon
Comment from : Josh L

Is Japan 🇧🇩 wise enough to be doing Qualitative Easing ? Is the world wise to follow it's leadership ?brbrbr
Comment from : PegasusFleets

An aging population with very low immigrants who reach their max economic potential There is nth surprising about their economy
Comment from : MnMPryoBanana

Yeah Argentina here we still use those 4 global markets
Comment from : Mobik

Terence Silva
They should have focused on their soft power in the fall of their economy we all rememberd back then if you grown up in the late 80s or in the 90s and in the early and mid 00s that japanese pop culture was everywhere
Comment from : Terence Silva

Alex Martin
Philippines and japan economy was controled by USA becuase of the oil dollar economy during pressedent nixon
Comment from : Alex Martin

Basically America just put down Japan by force
Comment from : Matanica

Mark B
Hey Michael, what will happen to the Japanese economy when their auto industry collapses due to its inability and unwillingness to embrace the new EV paradigm ?
Comment from : Mark B

3:19 a wee bit of an oversimplification The USA WAS good at making consumer electronics However after the loss of industry and the massive recession in the 1970’s along with the offshoring of skilled labor in the 1990’s the USA lost its capacity to do so
Comment from : TheMicro4

Akihiko Sakurai
There will be another economic boom in the future I'm predicting it will happen If it happened before then it's able to happen again All that we need to do is recreate the conditions that created it the first time
Comment from : Akihiko Sakurai

Takeshi Kovach
No dude, all japan needs is immigration There, problem solved
Comment from : Takeshi Kovach

Smarkbusters stink
World is changing like it should and people are hating it🤣
Comment from : Smarkbusters stink

Anthony Bernstein
@1:24 That’s a very… earthbound view The universe is getting larger at an increasing rate ;)
Comment from : Anthony Bernstein

Normally culture is not particularly predictive for things like economics, but Japan is multi-thousand year hermit that evolved into a different subspecies by way of genetic drift Your global models have no power here
Comment from : alexanderx33

Doge Taxes
In my opinion it just boils down to fundamental demographics You can’t have society of tons of old people pretty much being resource sponges without consuming or producing and expect to have growth, this grey wave is already affecting Europe and will hit China pretty hard in the near future It’s just a consequence of Urbanisation and globalisation, Japan was just ahead of the curve The issue in 50 years won’t be overpopulation it will be under population with current birth rate trends
Comment from : Doge Taxes

jim parsit
Only the US stands against the world As a gang of monopolies, the US will fall on its own weight No one can stay high forever Japanese is very different than Chinese Japan has no own standing but depends on the west and arrogant look down on Asia Japanese elite clubs are very corrupt and also fall like the US Political incorrect is a nuclear bomb to themself
Comment from : jim parsit

Scott Lawrence
Not realistic brNo one wants to work in new Zealand brThe economy is a dumpster fire
Comment from : Scott Lawrence

Josh G
You are missing alot about the lost decade Japan had a life time employment mentality So if you didnt get a job when you graduated, you would almost be guaranteed to never get a good job Almost all of the companies stopped hiring the fresh graduates during the lost decade So a whole decade of workers never got in the job market This makes the issues worse because that is 1 decade of men who cant cant make a family because who wants a partner who cant get a job and still lives with their parents
Comment from : Josh G

8:31 See this loop is easyly solvabile brMake some sacrifice in therm of Profits rather then people brbecause people work the same or more when these happensbrso why take from the peoplebrtake from profits and ceo beo leo heo etc insteadbrthey have huge profits for nafting anyway they'r basically useless
Comment from : LiderAsstro

Jack OSullivan
Do you have a video on the Irish economy?? I live here and do not get how it's always on top of GDP lists or whatnot due to the unsustainably high cost of living for most of the younger population
Comment from : Jack OSullivan

Mitchell Golding
endless growth is impossible and irresponsible to try and achieve, current economics fail to realise the basic fact that we only have so much, we need to use it wisely
Comment from : Mitchell Golding

I worked in Tokyo as an English teacher, a few years agobrI have never been paid as much money, or received as many benefits, as i did in Tokyo for that 6 month period, but wow the work culture was utter insanitybrAlso the stories i heard, of Japanese people and their work ethics, was nothing id ever heard or been exposed to in my lifebrAs someone raised in Germany and Greece, even just the thought of working overtime, would be laughablebrI wish the best for them, but so many levels of Japanese society need to change, in order for Japan to progress, in most part low fertility and immigration
Comment from : Antonios

I am Japanese, and I have been calmly thinking about ways to prevent the decline of the working-age population and the coming crisis in the Japanese economybrThere are only two ways to fix JapanbrEuthanize those who do not work forcibly, or allow young people in their 20s and 30s who are capable of having children to have at least four children each If we had taken measures to reduce the birthrate in the 80's, we would not be in this situation
Comment from : 喪黒福造

Mangesh Chalan
Japanese need to import people like what USA does
Comment from : Mangesh Chalan

Angry Crypto
Argentina was overrun by Nazis after WW2 and anti-black racism where they wiped out almost all the native Black population that's Argentina of course, USSA meddling and putting people in power, where even Elon Musk agreed in a coup in Argentina
Comment from : Angry Crypto

ABM Studio
Japan just speedran economy
Comment from : ABM Studio

Time for a P O S T W A R E C O N O M I C M I R A C L E
Comment from : Zenn

Jozef Woo
Great videos but can you try to moan less at the end of words / sentences? It's disturbing For example "also known as order flowhrhrhrhr"
Comment from : Jozef Woo

Peng Lee
I saw a video suggesting that Jamaica could be on a economic growth similar to Singapore I saw the Jamaican stock market have been in the top 5 for a few years Could Jamaica be on track to be a regional power in the Caribbean?
Comment from : Peng Lee

I hope some day you put all of your videos with english subtitle 🙌
Comment from : gabe

Interesting and all But what about the biological economics?
Comment from : Lowstressed

Corn Pop
Its pretty simple if every rescource is limited then there is no such thing as infinitey Only economists who think trickle down works, are dumb enough to believe in infinite growth
Comment from : Corn Pop

Tavern Burner
Can't you stop deflation just by printing more money Or have the modern economic theory advocates just convinced everyone printing money doesn't cause inflation
Comment from : Tavern Burner

Situation just changed a lot since this video publication
Comment from : psiangelzero

Herry Kang
Aussie trying to discredit other countries😂
Comment from : Herry Kang

Hemachander gh
Useful video
Comment from : Hemachander gh

Liberty Lockdown
Japan will never boom like that againbrThe population is severely aging, there’s not enough young people to replace them, they are dependent on imports, and imports are about to tank as China collapses due to the same reasons Globalization economics are ending, and Regionalization is going to be the new economic order, which means everyone is gonna take a financial hit
Comment from : Liberty Lockdown

Жека Иванов
5:30 I find it a bit funny that there is a car from the Southern Russia
Comment from : Жека Иванов

0:27 "Argentiner" 😂
Comment from : wing2525

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