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29 Things That Exist Only in Japan

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Information 29 Things That Exist Only in Japan

Title :  29 Things That Exist Only in Japan
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Description 29 Things That Exist Only in Japan

Comments 29 Things That Exist Only in Japan

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Comment from : BRIGHT SIDE

Cookie eye drawing
Comment from : Cookie eye drawing

Cookie eye drawing
I love 🇯🇵
Comment from : Cookie eye drawing

Mason Hammer
0:09 la law
Comment from : Mason Hammer

Rinky Sherpa
Comment from : Rinky Sherpa

Don't use Chinese music as background one
Comment from : DavidGeorgeXu

Mukul Kumar
Comment from : Mukul Kumar

Edison Cabuenas
I like shin Godzilla thank you for adding it Bright side!
Comment from : Edison Cabuenas

Oreki Houtarou
I came from SHUNchan and most of these "FACTS" are actually BS If you want REAL japan FACTS, go watch japanese youtube channels and reaction videos Not these kind of American BS
Comment from : Oreki Houtarou

giovanni genobisa
I love Godzilla
Comment from : giovanni genobisa

Tukasa Ninomiya
I like the green kitkat Im japanese boy but speaking tagalog
Comment from : Tukasa Ninomiya

★Country Hero★
Comment from : ★Country Hero★

Comrade Orange
For the thumbnail, Quebec also has horizontal traffic lights :P
Comment from : Comrade Orange

Kavneet Kaur Walia
I would try wasabi KitKat
Comment from : Kavneet Kaur Walia

I know in the face napkins one you said it’s never pretty when you eat a burger but I eat burgers with cheese only because I’m different than most people are there even burger joints in Japan I’m pretty sure there’s only sushi bars and Japanese restaurants because I live in the United states
Comment from : CatLover2012

I like meat but not on my ice cream
Comment from : DrErik

It is very interesting
Comment from : FIND DIF

Hampas lupang patay gutom tv
Nice video shoutout sir Hampas lupang patay gutom tv dream high 👊👊👊
Comment from : Hampas lupang patay gutom tv

Vivian Noguchi
Japanese never use mayonnaise for ice cream or pan cake topping
Comment from : Vivian Noguchi

Comment from : ああ

Comment from : ひなの

Zuhaib X
did you accidentally bass boost the intro?
Comment from : Zuhaib X

Charrie Pineda
2:36 😂😂😂
Comment from : Charrie Pineda

Uchiha Madara
Woah those Kit Kat flavours got me going
Comment from : Uchiha Madara

Fathimath Xaina
What the flip
Comment from : Fathimath Xaina

Arhan Khadkikar
Comment from : Arhan Khadkikar

Lovely Flankk
Tatakae ⚔
Comment from : Lovely Flankk

Rowan Moormann
Right on man
Comment from : Rowan Moormann

Doris Jackson
Comment from : Doris Jackson

Beatrix and Family Vlog 😊
All kit_kat
Comment from : Beatrix and Family Vlog 😊

Angela Purvis
I was born in my house
Comment from : Angela Purvis

Comment from : あああああ茶漬け

Harshita Das
I love japan so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Comment from : Harshita Das

I grew up in japan and I have some controversial thoughts about #16 I think bright side got it the other way around Mayonnaise is VERY different from normal mayonnaise and it has special ingredients such as msg and using only the yolk of the egg We do use mayonnaise as a dip or in salads I've never heard of anyone put mayonnaise on pancakes or ice cream, where did you even get that from 😂
Comment from : ·

Comment from : Gabb31

Jack plaz
The land of the sinking toilets
Comment from : Jack plaz

Mr cringe
Comment from : Mr cringe

Comment from : ●♡HOT C GAMES

Wendy dayz
I’m going to work in Japan, to sleep! Must be nice 😂
Comment from : Wendy dayz

Manzoor  ahmed  vlogs
green tea
Comment from : Manzoor ahmed vlogs

Eddie Diedericks
I love saucy messy burgers and i dont care who watches me getting sause all over my face
Comment from : Eddie Diedericks

Himanshu Sharma, Noida, India
What a amazing video I am learning Japanese and it is a great help
Comment from : Himanshu Sharma, Noida, India

Modox Y
Comment from : Modox Y

Modox Y
Comment from : Modox Y

I'm Japanese, but I've never heard of the ice cream with mayo😂
Comment from : nana

Jomar Valle
9:42 What are you doing there Bimby?!
Comment from : Jomar Valle

Umbreon  Sylveon
Hi, im japanese
Comment from : Umbreon Sylveon

Abdul Said
I love anime
Comment from : Abdul Said

Its My dream to go to japan!❤🇯🇵
Comment from : Unishakhadka

Do they actually put Mayo on ice cream?
Comment from : Ran

Comment from : M A

Kiril Velinov
China:Home of the skittles traffic light
Comment from : Kiril Velinov

Nandana Deeptha Warakagoda
I like the toilet part the most
Comment from : Nandana Deeptha Warakagoda

Nicole Contrata
I love the silent mic 💓💓💓
Comment from : Nicole Contrata

Majestic Gaming Squad
Only Japan have such things
Comment from : Majestic Gaming Squad

Wendy King
stop talking about japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Wendy King

I love japan because the cherry blossom 💥
Comment from : RISHINAND

Learner !
I sees anime so 💞💞ilove this
Comment from : Learner !

Arshiya Abdul
I wanna try mango kitkat
Comment from : Arshiya Abdul

Iqra Official
I love japan 😍😍love from Pakistan 💜
Comment from : Iqra Official

Suma Saji
Japan Is A Very Wierd COUNTRY
Comment from : Suma Saji

Raphael Simone Obrado
Because i like Philippines🇵🇭
Comment from : Raphael Simone Obrado

Inara Mirzadjanova
Btw, China has even smaller escalators 😅I’ve seen inside one mall in Zhuhai, 4 stairs
Comment from : Inara Mirzadjanova

Inara Mirzadjanova
Japan is sooo different from the rest of the world… and japanese people are as well hope i can visit it one day🙏🏼
Comment from : Inara Mirzadjanova

I’m kinda surprised because in Khmer words we also call Blue the same as Green
Comment from : 火の鳥

Claire Heliane
From Philippines 🇵🇭
Comment from : Claire Heliane

Aiste Kirkliene
The world:*global normalness*brJapan:The rest of the world is strange
Comment from : Aiste Kirkliene

Judith Rochin
I'm sorry keeping live animals ( lobsters) in a vending machine is beyond barbaric
Comment from : Judith Rochin

I am Japanese and live in JapanbrNo one around me eats mayonnaise over ice cream😂😂😂brWe also put mayonnaise on the salad,sandwiches,and so onbrThis video is very interesting for me brI'm glad that many people all over the world like JapanbrWhen things return to normal, I want many of you to visit JapanbrThe words may be strange because I use a translator
Comment from : ぷっぷくぷーぷう

Cant wait to go to japan
Comment from : AUDREY DORADO

Maegal Roammis
beautiful country, detestable ppl in reality
Comment from : Maegal Roammis

Margie Albertson
The nauseating icicle cellularly encourage because coil broadly impress throughout a hissing chance nutritious, resolute tanzania
Comment from : Margie Albertson

Gacha tiktok
I love japan cause anime is my favourite 💓💓
Comment from : Gacha tiktok

Swaraa Tawde
Comment from : Swaraa Tawde

Anime made me love Japan 🇯🇵
Comment from : cookiesncream789

Kaszya S
I love Japan I've allways wanted to be there my dad and mom used to be there but they don't anymore
Comment from : Kaszya S

Pillow Gaming
Isn’t japan minecraft but in real life?brbrIs it?
Comment from : Pillow Gaming

Alfin John Arcillas
Do a face reavel🙂
Comment from : Alfin John Arcillas

Brandi Lindsey
Every KitKat
Comment from : Brandi Lindsey

Daphne Soliven
#23, common here in Philippines specially in public school From cleaning the classroom, cr and the garden 😊
Comment from : Daphne Soliven

Amartya Swapnil Prionta
If I marry a Japanese, can I get to live there?
Comment from : Amartya Swapnil Prionta

Comment from : itsyxrek12

Kabir Khade
Japan is the best
Comment from : Kabir Khade

Jude barbante
I Like Gojira In Number 10 In 3:21
Comment from : Jude barbante

vino gaje
what if you are at the airport?shold you just leave your umbrella out and leave?
Comment from : vino gaje

Louise C
Japan is the cleanest country :)
Comment from : Louise C

yoshimura fox
They probably flush the toilet after use with water used from the last time someone washed their hands Otherwise the toilet would just drain the excess water from premature hand washing
Comment from : yoshimura fox

kazuki :-)
Comment from : kazuki :-)

Amit Sharma
All of them
Comment from : Amit Sharma

Comment from : EREEHHHH

Paballo Poka
I wish I could travel to Japan it looks so amazing
Comment from : Paballo Poka

Comment from : whitty

rajeev pradhan
Comment from : rajeev pradhan

Wow I love this song and music
Comment from : Handsomeplayz

Meysam Khodaee bad piggies
Why Japan doesn't have 4
Comment from : Meysam Khodaee bad piggies

Buy Japanese mayo!!! It never sticks inside the bottle!!!
Comment from : ぽ出来立てのポップコーンはいかが?

Scott Smith
Green Tea kit kit are nice
Comment from : Scott Smith

Megan Barron
Live in Japan
Comment from : Megan Barron

winile shikwambana
Japan is werd😶😶
Comment from : winile shikwambana

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