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House of El
Thanks for watching! I know the topic of this video is a bit controversial as Denmark really is a nice place, but I hope you can appreciate that these are my own personal opinions Here are a few things you'd probably enjoy seeing about what expats wish you knew! wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=wJn0RrFiz9QbrbrHave you wanted to visit Denmark before? Have you lived there? What are your experiences?
Comment from : House of El

Zenia Elisabeth
No we speak to people in the street alot actelly maybe you just dont look like somone you want to speak to becuse we Are actelly were truth and say things like there are not like in New york when everone is fake brAnd wow you are in denmark so yes we speak and read in danish plus alot of thing is writen in Danish
Comment from : Zenia Elisabeth

I'm Danish, but have lived all over the world And I agree with you that we are difficult people:-)
Comment from : katadolph

Chemical stalking in Denmark
So you didn't learn shit about Denmark or the Danish did you?brWhat is this actually? Some odd kind of advertising perhaps? In reality Denmark since 2007 has become a split up no democracy, no justice apartheid-like country run by a perversely criminal mafia So since 2007 your 'happiest' people in the world has become the very few selected ones of the perversely criminal Danish mafia regime
Comment from : Chemical stalking in Denmark

Great channel I will suscribe
Comment from : AguanteBarenboim

Bip 300
is this The Children of Monty Python?
Comment from : Bip 300

Back at university we had a lot of foreign students They all just fell in with the crowd from day one The only people I remember it didn’t work out for was two Americans No matter how much we engaged them, they only answered yes or no, and they kept to them self So we gave up on them
Comment from : Craftbrewer

It's your personal experience But i'll give you a LIKE anyways :)
Comment from : thisisdeadboy

Hej! Kan du svare, når du ser denne meddelelse? Jeg har et projekt, som jeg gerne vil arbejde på sammen med dig, og jeg har brug for din hjælp til at promovere det, mod betaling selvfølgelig! br br brJeg glæder mig til at høre fra dig, tak!
Comment from : META SHARE

Try Finland next Language easier People more extrovert, winters just a bless
Comment from : BadPete81

Tom Z
Comment from : Tom Z

This was the most ignorant crap I have heard all day
Comment from : WillyJohnsons_Member

hello, a dane here! i'm really sorry if you had a bad experience in denmark and felt like it was hard to connect to people here but i just want to note something (i hope this does not come off as harsh because it's merely meant as advice for your future travels)brwhen talking about how hard it was to talk to danes you say "[after work] you're already fairly exhausted and converting everything in your head from one language to another is not the easiest proces as a whole so a lot of the time you will find yourself gravitating more and more towards english"brit's really interesting you say this about your own experience with danish, because this is exactly what non-english speakers experience when they're talking to someone in english such as yourself it seems like you forget to take into consideration that danes are not native english speakers and they also have to translate everything into a different languagebrlearning a different language is hard and often not very rewarding work but when you move to another country you cannot expect them to accommodate you - eg i would never go to america and expect americans to know danish if you are going to move to another country which does not speak the same language as you, leaning the language is usually a requirementbri mean this in the kindest way possible and hope you're doing great <3
Comment from : whatlauraread

Dennis Petersen
reason 1: why should things be written in languages other than Danish, it is our notinal language after all br brreason 3: so you moved because of the geographical position that Denmark has
Comment from : Dennis Petersen

Body Technician
hope you enjoy London , welcome
Comment from : Body Technician

Art Antipop
It's difficult to live in a country where the language is alien to you? That's really profound! Go figure! You come off as someone who whines a lot Ask your friends to be honest when describing you!
Comment from : Art Antipop

bo jans
Denmark is an awful country! It truly a socialist country that leaves the citizens to rely fully on the public to support them Average taxation level 65-70! Not a place for normal people who wants to make a difference Kindergarten Country!
Comment from : bo jans

Agustin Arcusa
Reason 1 is so idiotic
Comment from : Agustin Arcusa

While all of these arguments are somewhat valid and somewhat alright to have, it makes no sense to complain about the long "dark hours" and the "high amount of bad weather", then move to a country where it is the exact samebrbrAverage rainfall in copenhagen is around 720mm a year, in london it is 665mm a year, hardly a huge change Next to that is the months, shortest day in Denmark is around 7 hours of sunlight where as in london it is just about 8 hoursbrbrSo the only real complaints you had about Denmark is, that you didnt want to learn the language, you expected to speak english with everyone at all times and accomodate you instead of you accomodating everyone else Meanwhile prob as a result you largely had difficulties integrating into deeper connections with people as a result and find them less (social) i would argue danish is some of the most social, however it comes with the caviot of it being social with relations instead of randoms at largebrbrIn the end you just moved to london which only real difference is, that it was made and based around english instead of danish and that is why you find it better at large, solely
Comment from : DarkWaver

You should try Norway :)brThis is sarcasm as all we got is oil money, bad weather, winter depression, taxes, and bad weather
Comment from : uniktbrukernavn

Ady Me
All in Danish? Normal, its Denmark Go on the page in Danish, click right on the mouse, and pick Translate in English Just so simple :)
Comment from : Ady Me

Danny Barnhoorn
Basically: I didn't prepare myself enough nor think through what it means to live in a different country and failed
Comment from : Danny Barnhoorn

Jesus what a bonehead! let's sum up this House of El person's 'thinking' #1 If you don't speak Danish, it's going to be difficult!, lol, so this fool thinks Danes need to learn her language and to heck with there's!, just wow #2 Danes are anti-social b/c they don't like when a total stranger just walks up to them on the street and 'chats them up', again, this 'El' lives in her own little world doesn't she? #3 It's too cold!, Duh! 'El' did not pay attention in Geography class 'El' you are from the planet of 'It's-All-About-Me' It is common sense & decency to learn the language of the country you decide to move to, not make them learn yours, after all, you ran from your country to seek your own little sanctity there, fit in and relate, Jesus!
Comment from : drijam

Rup And
This is When I went to Australia, I had to learn English 'cause nobody spoke Danish!!!brMaybe you are just a bad personbrRegards
Comment from : Rup And

She is right, we are anti-social compared to many other nations
Comment from : djinnakhmar

Dagbjört Jóhannesdóttir
My danish step grandpa who lived in Copenhagen City center, was the most social butterfly 🦋 I ever met in my life! He stopped people in the streets and talked to everyone like they were his long lost brother or just a good neighbour People he never met before! He sang in the streets, and was a total goof ball Danish people are very free-spirited , you just have to come across the right ones:)
Comment from : Dagbjört Jóhannesdóttir

This is a prank, right?
Comment from : 1777DK

Sharon Reum
I am sick of youtubers asking me to like and subscribe before I've even heard the video I haven't even watched your video yet so please don't ask me Wait until the end please I never like and subscribe when someone asks me at the beginning I usually just click off of the video That's how irritating this has become!
Comment from : Sharon Reum

Matt Stitt
Danes are definitely not anti-social
Comment from : Matt Stitt

Steen Holm
This is so funny!
Comment from : Steen Holm

Sarah Shanahan
Me: an antisocial American who hides from the sunlight as much as possible who is horrified by our healthcare system and our governmentbrSounds like it's heaven to me
Comment from : Sarah Shanahan

Lynn Lemon
Idem dito for France for the language , not typical for Denmark at all
Comment from : Lynn Lemon

I actually started to love the language because some of my online friends are Danish Makes me want to visit Denmark one day but tourism is not immigration so I would be interested to learn about real issues there but I suppose what you have pointed out seem abit of a shallow problem brbrThough it being shallow to me does not mean it's not difficult for you and I respect your decision
Comment from : Jasmint

Forza Juve
I think you capture the 3 most commonly discussed points very well As a dane I totally agree 100 brYes, its dark and the weather sucks brYes people here do NOT talk to people they dont know, people often dont even LOOK at other people when walking down the street It is considered extremely weird to chat up people you dont know, because you are essentially forcing someone you dont know into a situation for no reason Dont get me wrong, if you do it, danes will smile and stand and talk with you for several minutes even if they dont want to, because danes are very polite brMy brother lived in Montreal for a year and I visited him for a month once I was completely thrown by the way people interact People in the supermarket would just randomly talk to you I remember once after dinner my brother and I were having a beer at this restaurant/bar and 3 girls just came over and asked if they could sit with us (even though there were plenty of free spots to sit), like - that wouldnt happen in denmark, I would say it has probably never happened in my entire lifetime (im 31 y/o) brbrAs a man, if I were to approach a women I dont know, in the street in denmark, and ask for her number, she would probably think im mentally disturbed, a psychopath or a rapist That doesnt happen here The only way people date in denmark is through their already tightly formed social cirlesbrbrOh yes and lastly, ofc everything is in Danish, we are a country of 6 million people, and we barely get any tourists because the weather always sucks here There is literally no reason to put everything in english Unlike crazy america(or sweden), the many do not change for the few brIf you want to fit in here, you have to integrate
Comment from : Forza Juve

Lea Kjellin
Well If you think winters in Denmark were too long and dark you should be happy you did´nt go to the more northern parts of Norway or Sweden Denmarks "long and dark" winters are noting compared to what we get there Jonna Jinton has made a pretty good video of it
Comment from : Lea Kjellin

Im danish and i respekt if you had a hard time here but you are amongst the few then and i cant understand you even have problems with our winters and darkness, take it up with godbrbrWe have free health carebrIf you don't have work then you get payment from the government and so does woman's who just got a baby and have to stay home from her workplacebrAnd we have much more goodies other governments doesn't want to give their citizensbrThats why we are known as a happy country And btw we actually dont trust our government with everything thats for sure
Comment from : snedler

Ali Bex
be glad you never stepped in Turkey, 95 of people there don't even speak English would you blame them too? you lived 4 years in a country that gave you a job, proper life etc etc and you did not commit yourself to learn the language, yet you mark them as antisocial well if I was a Danish and someone approached me with zero Danish knowledge and claimed to be my friend i sure would've reject, because it's rationally wrong to make friends with people that do not plan to stay for long
Comment from : Ali Bex

Lexi J
Oj so much talk about everything BUT why you moved out! get to the point quicker pls
Comment from : Lexi J

Fried Mac
Dark Always Cloudy Thats A good day for Me I am Sagittarius I♥️ Dark Gloomy DaysbrbrNebraska Winters are Long and Very Cold Absolutely ♥️ My State Keeps the Happy Crazy OUT! brbr🇺🇸🦅😎🍺⚓⬛⬛⬛⬛
Comment from : Fried Mac

Simon Bannow
Good riddance! ❤
Comment from : Simon Bannow

Good riddance Next!
Comment from : J J

Lars Holdgaard
WHAT? It should all be in English! After all we do speak Danish Do Americans write things in Persian? Did you actually leave Copenhagen? On Funen, where I live, we talk to anyone in the local grocerystore hahah the darkness is wonderful Its so nice that we dont have all the light all the time :) We Hygger os ALL the time? It's cool El, Denmark is just not for you :-) I hope you are happy in London , which definiately is NOT for me 🙂
Comment from : Lars Holdgaard

Comment from : NitezPoseYT

Christa Nolde
I'm sorry that you have had that kind of experience with the Danish people, but it is very different depending on where in the country you livebrIn Copenhagen, people at a lot more reserved In the country side, people are very open and very welcoming to everybody There is a group in the north of Jutland, called: venligboerne The friendly residentsbrWhen I was younger, I moved to Copenhagen, and had the same experience, so I moved back to Jutland
Comment from : Christa Nolde

The Robinator
"So I went to a country where the main language isn't English, and the signs weren't in English! The indigenous people had the audacity to speak their own language! And when they talked English to me, I disliked that too!"brbrbrEdit: "And there was no light in Winther, in a country that is as far North as the Southern tip of Alaska!"
Comment from : The Robinator

Turjja Datta
I moved out because everybody kind of constantly stereotyped me as a terrorist of some kind because i kind of look middle eastern, although i am a agnostic hindu from india, this kind of was a major put off for me
Comment from : Turjja Datta

Alessio Andreoli
You are all listing reasons for staying in Denmark You left for a language?? Missing a lot! Vi ses 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Alessio Andreoli

Anders Svarrer
Moving out of DK, becourse og the weather I fully understand, it is the worst climate on the planet, but I had choosen Malaga instead not London, not for a second
Comment from : Anders Svarrer

Serk Serk
Let the truth be told ! I lived in DK for almost 12 years everything you mentioned is true ! I came from third world country where there is a lot of happiness and less material In Denmark I lived all my young age and now am in the middle of my 30th , I speak their language yet I have no Danish friends , they will never make you friend , guess because they are lonely people I returned back to where I came from but the friends that I had was gone and become a stranger in my Owen country , I returned back to Denmark at list I have a job I always feel I traded my life once and I can’t have it back again I live a lonely life among lonely people
Comment from : Serk Serk

Im disgusted with you
Comment from : Nicopico69

Lea B Jørgensen
I'm Danish I have a great colleague who is not and have been here a short while The WORST thing I have encountered is that TAX (SKAT) send her forms and letters IN DANISH, even when the form that has to be filled out is meant for people with recidency in another country That is stupid on another level and I'm very mad at our system
Comment from : Lea B Jørgensen

Kro Mani
Denmark is shit if youre parentes get a divorce you have to go through 200mil steps like lets say i like my dad more and wants to stay with him 24/7 i have to go through a program how much do you like youre dad Give me A 1/10brAnd when youre parentes are divorce if youre bullying a kid instant transfer family but if youre parentes are not divorce you can bully kill Murder sucide break in to Schools Rob Banks No transfer of family they might say youre crazy but hey it's Better than transfer of family
Comment from : Kro Mani

Richard Lanigan
I lived in Denmark for 12 years I often return, as my son lives there now My experience of living there was the complete opposite to yours I have been back in London now since 1990 and not a day goes buy when I don’t think how much better life in Denmark is and may move back next year when I retire Healthcare, Education, day care, social care in the community, less crime, much higher standard of living for middle classes In the time I lived there I never needed to own a car Yes it’s cold and dark in winter ( Northern Europe) but December is a lot of fun, in fact the houses are better built so you feel more damp and cold inside in UK in winter You say you did not make many friends, I have more friends from the 12 years in Denmark than I have from the last 30 back here in UK Perhaps it’s because I am Irish and you are American 😂 our experiences have been different in both countries I have traveled the world and I can’t think of a better place to live and raise children in
Comment from : Richard Lanigan

vaksehund2 faith alone in jesus
Sadly to say you've lived in the wrong region and socialized with ppl who were rude not to have your interest to intergrate Big hug from a person to whom English is easier than my native language 🥰
Comment from : vaksehund2 faith alone in jesus

Nicolaj Ravn
Pure bs
Comment from : Nicolaj Ravn

"Everything is in danish yea but unlike a lot of other countries most of us danish people actually speak english and are not afraid of doing so or too proud and lazy as the germans or frensh brWe are also a very helpful kind of people so all you guys have to do is ask but thanks for moving out :-)
Comment from : Broxgard

Born in Denmark, but I was raised in Scotland Then moved back laterbrDanish Father, Scottish MotherbrSo I had to learn the entire language from scratch while starting at elementary schoolbrResulting in a serious dent upon my education, due to falling behind with languagebrbrSo I can relate to what you're sayingbrbrThat said I think you're an overly opinionated wimp incapable of multilingual speechbrFrom whichever country you were in, you would nitpick at what would have to be your own shortcomings
Comment from : rosenti

Fera Ole
I wonder why many people view your comment as negative Most of the thing you said are are right I believe that Danish culture is very sophisticated and I find it very useful in this complex world where stranger cultures are sometimes harmful brbrThe media has repeatedly called Danes "the happiest people on the planet" brI feel that it is over exaggerated and an insult to Danes, because there are no happiest people on the planet brPeople can either be happy or depressed sometimes, because it is human nature Danes are not different from others In general the Scandinavian people live a very secured life and they have no many things to worry about There are many African people who have almost nothing and happy most of the time It's not the thing that you have that gives you happiness It is true that Danes are very reserved They limit their friendship to those who they knew from kindergarten I believe that it is a positive attitude in todays world where true friends are difficult to find The vast majority of Danes live their own life and don't bother to interfere into other people's life Most of them are kind and helpful But to be honest, Denmark is changing and the racist political parties are trying to damage the image of this good people by introducing very harsh laws to foreigners who want to be part of the society
Comment from : Fera Ole

Jon Do
Thank you for a great video, and hope you have found your dream spot in London I will make a Quick apology for all the negative comments from my fellow danes and others, they are just jeaulous and lost in the cold As a dane myself, I can totally appreciate a lot of what you put forward I also have a strange love/hate relationship with this beautiful flat country;) ofcourse almost everything will always be subjective, and I believe all people will have lives within their lives where one would want different things, If you lived in a dark and cold place for to long, and still haven’t found a path to be the best version of oneselve, moving to a place where light and warmth is in abundance would be a really good idea and probably the opposite also, even though it sounds strange to need darkness and coldness lol You are totally correct when you say Denmark is an antisocial country, who lives in small groups, that is also because of the long winter and our small size, this force people to Hygge along with those one knows, and often indoors because of the cold Denmark is the perfect country for living a moderate safe and slow life, introverts who loves security would love it here, as an extrovert who loves risktaking and dont have motivation to learn another language fluently London or somwhere in LA or Miami would probably be the best place, even though I know how crazy everything is right now in the US, but maybe a dane Should go over there and help them save the place, wait maybe I should leave Copenhagen now:-) brbrWish you a happy life in LondonbrbrLove and hugsbrbrJonas
Comment from : Jon Do

Man kan ikke bråke sig over at alt er på dansk når man er i DANMARK! 😡
Comment from : flannery29

Grant Simons
So your reasons are, brbr1 The government websites are in Danish (easily fixed by translation plugins or getting a translator)br2 The language is hard br3 It's dark in the winter brbrAh well - More space for those of us who know what we're getting into when we leave the country!
Comment from : Grant Simons

If you have a friends in Denmark they are your BFF, and you can trust them around your kids and spouse It takes effort on from both people to become friends and it is very rewarding While in Italy, Spain and other countries where people are warm, it is easy to have shallow friendship but it takes more work to have friends to trust completely
Comment from : Olafur

Dick Riggles
In some parts of the US, especially super-liberal areas, people can be very cold and unfriendly like what you said I don't get it
Comment from : Dick Riggles

Mr Dane
Only stupid left-wingers believe in the Danish government brAnd of course everything is in Danish in Denmark!! brMost people who come to Denmark want a share in the social benefits, like those south from the Mediterranean, however, the worst is theirs ideologi !!
Comment from : Mr Dane

Having only 52k likes with 477k views reflects how shitty this video is Ps those contact lenses are awful
Comment from : bruNO

Good for you! 😂😂
Comment from : Raditz

Another reason not to live in Denmark is the need for a sporvognsskidtskraberskovl
Comment from : Chrishagen

Conny Naumann
I'm German but lived many years in Australia, England and now for almost 10 years in Ireland I had to learn English to really connect to people and make friends for life, language is the key, always! And guess what Europe is not the US, and we have different languages over here in each country US Americans keep me stunned by their ignorance and arrogance over and over again It's not meant to be a personal attack, but I worked in tourism in Ireland and the things US Americans say to us and demand or think they are entitled to, is unique to US Americans Not Canadians nor South Americans but the US I really wonder why that is?
Comment from : Conny Naumann

Aurelie Robert
Just learn the language of the country you are moving in beforehand ! This is the strict minimum otherwise don’t complain you are not integrated ! And this works for any country, not only Denmark
Comment from : Aurelie Robert

Pernille Schiøtz
its so true , and you know thats why its NOT true that we are the happyest people in the world , we have a very high suicide rate and a big alcohol problem , so even danes actually suffer in this cold culture - yes im danish- and now we knock each other out if we take an airplane to go to a country where people talk with each other , because we are " the best to take care of the envirement " also a lie , we are the best to lie about almost everything to make our little depressed country look amazing sorry
Comment from : Pernille Schiøtz

also, from my experience danes esp in copenhagen are very outgoing
Comment from : loungeblogger

I will never understand people complaining that non english countries dare to use their own language 😂
Comment from : loungeblogger

Gerge Dibey
I have lived there, near Copenhagen, for 7 years, I have received only love, support and appreciation You cannot be an idiot foreigner in the Nordic countries - if you are the type to wait for others to help you, then YES, you are fked ! BUT it doesn't mean that Denmark is bad !
Comment from : Gerge Dibey

Good grief
Comment from : storrey771

Oliver Oh
I had lived in Denmark for about 3 years and my reasons to leave it were fully different: Super-expensive costs of living in horrible flats and ugly buildings, extremely high taxes + non-sense tax for property that you have even outside of Denmark; and extremely high taxes on cars - unbelievable 150 of the car value, and it was even 180 when I moved there My experience with Denmark teached me to think triple times before moving somewhere I would never ever again go to live to any Scandinavian country, it's the worst place to be in Europe in my opinion! On top of those things, there is neverending winter from October until May
Comment from : Oliver Oh

catarina afonso
this video is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary
Comment from : catarina afonso

Nation of Masturbation
I wanna steal Lego
Comment from : Nation of Masturbation

Søren Bang Hansen
Okay… So the language in Denmark is… Danish? Wow And this actually offended you?!
Comment from : Søren Bang Hansen

Yaser Ahmed
Add to that: low income and high taxes
Comment from : Yaser Ahmed

mike christian
so, the first thing "they" don't tell you about Denmark is that everyone speaks Danish and that the signs are all in Danish? wow, what a bait and switch hell hole!
Comment from : mike christian

Reason 1, everything is in Danish in Denmark Not English 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😭😭😭
Comment from : nokingsinthewild

Klaus Knudsen
Our winters are great, our summers are not to hot, and we have fare less Karen's then other Countries I call that a win ;)
Comment from : Klaus Knudsen

Martin Nielsen
Hvad helvede rager det os andre
Comment from : Martin Nielsen

Roger Danblad
If I didn't know you were talking about Denmark I'd bet my left nut that you were talking about Sweden anti social/introverts, fluent in english and dark winters The fun part is our winters are longer and darker than the danish :D Guess we're all the same up here Viking brethren!brbrBut the language, I don't see how that is a negative thing/a problem? Of course the signs are gonna be in the native language and in groups we're most likely talking in our native language to each other If someone doesn't understand then we're going to be polite and have the conversation in english It's only going to be easier in countries that have english as their mother tongue But bar those countries, then Scandinavia and Netherlands are the best countries
Comment from : Roger Danblad

Rhachim Saa
The best part of this video is when she said she moved out of Denmark ❤️
Comment from : Rhachim Saa

Arthur De Roey
You are very right I see more and more people who leave Denmark It is a toxic place and I would never ever again move to this country
Comment from : Arthur De Roey

Tomas Asenjo
Wow! I am quite shocked to see that in another country, everyone speaks their language and all signs outside of the airport or train station are in their language I wonder how many signs are written in Danish in the UK I bet not even at the airport or train stationbrbrOf course people will be "antisocial" and it will be difficult to integrate if after many years you keep expecting them to talk to you in your language instead of you making an effort to learn theirs
Comment from : Tomas Asenjo

I lived in Sweden for a year after studying Swedish for about three years Everyone around me agreed to speak nothing but Swedish with me Most of it was wonderful and some of my best memories ever I agree that Danish is very hard to pronounce! Although I have some loyalty to Sweden due to ancestry and family members who speak Swedish, I have come to really love Danish culture and films and I've grown to love the sound of the Danish language (even though at first it sounded like speaking Swedish with rocks in your mouth or maybe a paralyzed tongue brbrAlthough my Swedish improved massively in that year and I even passed a graduate course in the history of Nordic languages taught in Swedish, I still sometimes felt like a child at the grownups' table I understood most of what I heard, and thought of detailed responses to what people were saying, but as I started to speak, I realized that I lacked the complex vocabulary to explain my thoughts in Swedish I am sure this would have gotten better if I had stayed longer! brbrThe best thing that happened was towards the end of the year when I went to a conference in Stockholm and saw a Danish scholar I had met before I ended up talking to him for about 15 minutes with me speaking Swedish and him Danish It was a slight strain understanding him, and he noticed that and suggested we speak English We talked for another 45 minutes in English and he suddenly said, "You speak really good English!" It was the greatest compliment ever that a Dane had thought I was Swedish! brbrI agree with others that you really should have learned Danish and that held you back I agree with you that your extroversion was also at odd with the culture Maybe I fit in better because I am an introvertbrbrThe shock of the Scandinavian Winter to someone not used to it cannot be overstated! I arrived in January and it was unbelievable how badly the lack of light affected me It actually gave me an ever-present existential anxiety It made me empathize with prehistoric peoples who did sun rituals and whatnot because they didn't know whether the sun would ever return It was like living deep underwater and trying to communicate with people at the surface
Comment from : Clemdane

Rene Kusk Christensen
Når du bor i et fremmed land, så lærer man det lokale sprog Alt andet er en fornærmelse mod den lokale befolkning
Comment from : Rene Kusk Christensen

Denmark 98 white
Comment from : SOVIET VAPE KING

i have been living here my whole life, and i will have to say that the first thing you said is worng a lot of is worng not all, but a lot
Comment from : ThatGuyPiranha

Watching this video was rather embarrassing For you You proved time and time again that you never understood really anything about Denmark and Danish people That is a shame Poor you
Comment from : kobenhavndk

What she has pointed out regarding language barrier in Denmark, is to true for Germany as well I am a naturalised German National Work in Banking industry, in area of Compliance, which regularly requires me to read German central bank's complex directives (all written in German) and make presentation in German to multiple stakeholders brBut in everyday communication, I feel entirely left out, as native Germans (especially North Germans) would not slow down their colloquial, non-standard, street slang, and proverb ridden verbal barrage even one bit I am not taking about Turkish granny who did not bother learning German at all, but skilled migrants and expats Despite advanced proficiency, we get blocked out of an engagement at our intellectual level, all because we cannot analyse Wittgenstein This is clearly a form of exclusionary practice, stemming from xenophobia
Comment from : Val-schaeffer

Thank you so very much So well done -- articulate, great observations and well thought out I'm an American that lived in Helsingborg for three years I was living in Sardinia and met a Swedish girlfriend who was commuting to the US on business So, I would fly in and out through Copenhagen, which is a 45-minute drive from Helsingborg My reasons for not wishing to remain in Sweden mirror yours almost identically, I found myself making excuses to fly away to warmer places (almost anywhere is warmer and less dreary than Denmark and southern Sweden) That said, I met many Danish and Swedish friends who have remained close to me, which may be the only difference in our experiences I, too, found the Swedish and Danish languages very difficult, but as you indicated, almost everyone in Scandanavia speaks very, very good English My Swedish girlfriend is living in New York, I've been back in the States for eight years now (Houston), but I miss Denmark and Sweden I've been back to France and Italy several times each year since leaving without heading north
Comment from : SAO

Mario Nobre
Hi! I'm Brazilian, lived for 5 years in Holland and the main reason for my leaving was lack of light But is it any better in London?
Comment from : Mario Nobre

Dugi Devet
I undarstand, Denmark Pagans burn the Virgins to bring rain to have food, no wonder womans are leaving
Comment from : Dugi Devet

Khaldoun mnb
Danes get socialised with a big cold Tuborg Skååål 😁🍺
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