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Title :  Japanese Geisha Music
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Comments Japanese Geisha Music

Lorh Haile
Comment from : Lorh Haile

Charles Williams
Just the intro is pretty intensebrMore punk rock than I expectedbrgosh
Comment from : Charles Williams

Mehran Nozari
I do love it
Comment from : Mehran Nozari

James Medina
Sending love ❤️ to Japan 🇯🇵 the Land of the Rising Sun ☀️ 🕊️✝️♥️
Comment from : James Medina

Hassan Diallo
Japan my favorite country love it Love from USA
Comment from : Hassan Diallo

Very beautiful I love hearing the traditional music of Japan
Comment from : OsakaRose

Brady Morgan
I love this music so much
Comment from : Brady Morgan

Que hermoso que es la musica, comida,tecnología y cultura japonesa Definitivamente un pais bendecido y con mucho talento Saludos desde Perú
Comment from : Yoshii

Old Account
Love from a Türk ♡♡!!!!!!
Comment from : Old Account

Cosmic Bos
I did a remix of the first song in this video ❤️🇯🇵🎶 check it out youtube/yZREkVcE0-8
Comment from : Cosmic Bos

Hasegawa Taizo
There's a small cough less than 2 seconds in Once you hear it, you cannot on hear it That being said, this is one of my favorite selections of music
Comment from : Hasegawa Taizo

adrian bundius
if no then il die and all your work will transform in garwige,picose you are already dead
Comment from : adrian bundius

adrian bundius
one of fine arts of world human
Comment from : adrian bundius

Eliana Marinho
Comment from : Eliana Marinho

Black White
This song is so healing for no reason
Comment from : Black White

Comment from : TheWheelofLife100

Sasha Finn
They got me mesmerized
Comment from : Sasha Finn

King Of Relax
Hi Japan! Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us The world loves it
Comment from : King Of Relax

ungodly ty
no reason for this to slap this hard
Comment from : ungodly ty

The unbecoming temperature unprecedentedly match because plough industrially warn out a unarmed freckle muddled, sick air
Comment from : よこけい

Paul Ziolo
There is not a single aspect of Japanese music, drama and art that, when I first encountered it, did not immediately send shivers down my spine! Love to all young geishas - 💕!brbrMusic is the surest and quickest path to the very heart of a culture
Comment from : Paul Ziolo

Nathalia Kornievich
Im brazilian i love the japanese culture 🇧🇷🇯🇵
Comment from : Nathalia Kornievich

a j park
상당히 흥미롭고 아름답습니다
Comment from : a j park

Aung Kyaw Thein
Please upload Myanmar traditional music
Comment from : Aung Kyaw Thein

ADAM’s & JAWAHIR’s WORLD ball 🇦🇪ندوخذون خطوط خ
I love Japanese tradition music brFrom United Kingdom 🇬🇧 🤝🇯🇵br⬜️⬜️⬜️br⬜️🟥⬜️br⬜️⬜️⬜️
Comment from : ADAM’s & JAWAHIR’s WORLD ball 🇦🇪ندوخذون خطوط خ

Dedi Mana Official
Comment from : Dedi Mana Official

Florencia Gurevech
Me Gusta !!!
Comment from : Florencia Gurevech

Florencia Gurevech
Lovely !!!
Comment from : Florencia Gurevech

Шедевр ! Браво ! Завораживающее пение Возбуждает и расслабляет Спасибо за запись
Comment from : Muizza

Arkha Khiar
I'm indonesia but I like this song
Comment from : Arkha Khiar

Potato ML
I don’t understand but I love it 🥰
Comment from : Potato ML

This is beautiful/ Esto es hermoso
Comment from : Elder

Engtea Hmar
Ken Watanabe is dancing while playing this 🕺
Comment from : Engtea Hmar

Comment from : Ghost

steven coffman
the traditional first Japanese geisha were male
Comment from : steven coffman

Nikolina Stojanović
My friend: So what music genre do you like?brMe: uhh its complicated
Comment from : Nikolina Stojanović

SuperThunderGoodGuy 🏳️‍🌈
I’m from the USA, specifically Jersey, but this music is really cool and sounds great Love Japan 🇯🇵 🇺🇸
Comment from : SuperThunderGoodGuy 🏳️‍🌈

Bruno Bergonzi
Comment from : Bruno Bergonzi

Keji official
I love it (from Thailand)
Comment from : Keji official

this is so Japanese that the fried chicken turned into raw sushi
Comment from : Kaji

Rocio AV
Very beautiful songs that touch your heart ❤ Thanks for sharing these amazing pieces of tradtional Geisha songs 🇯🇵🇯🇵
Comment from : Rocio AV

Truc Hua
The second song sounds weird, like it was written by aliens, but in a nice way
Comment from : Truc Hua

At times like these I'm jealous that I wasn't born Japanese cuz I can't learn how to sing like this :(
Comment from : LIL IMPOSTER SHEESH🥵💯

Eternal Aurora
Comment from : Eternal Aurora

Kamonman Starks
Every country has unique of its own
Comment from : Kamonman Starks

Leaving World Better
Trap version
Comment from : Leaving World Better

This sounds really cool sped up
Comment from : Damidas

Luffy acquires Conqueror’s Haki
Her voices is like a flowing melody in my head it’s so beautiful
Comment from : Luffy acquires Conqueror’s Haki

[KFP] ☆ne0n☆
this woman has such a great voice! love it
Comment from : [KFP] ☆ne0n☆

This stuff is so coolbrTaiko and Shamisen are real nice instruments
Comment from : SlyHikari03

Lena F
zajebiste haha
Comment from : Lena F

Ayaka Yokota
Edo Period musics lovelybrI love Edo Period the JapanMy ancestors were upper class samuraiso I like Edo Period
Comment from : Ayaka Yokota

Idk nun about this but that first song went crazy🔥
Comment from : Youtubeaccount445

Comment from : 柴犬ハチ公

ericc leesak
I love love love this !
Comment from : ericc leesak

Интересная музыка
Comment from : Гончаренко

I keep coming back here for mostly the first song, and to a less extent the second
Comment from : FreihEitner

Coco Puffs
When you taking a peaceful stroll in Inazuma at 2 hp and this starts playing
Comment from : Coco Puffs

Yoshiaki Matsumoto
Comment from : Yoshiaki Matsumoto

First one😻
Comment from : Idk

Chris Even
Comment from : Chris Even

is beatifull music hello from turkey
Comment from : ̶D̶o̶l̶u̶n̶a̶y̶

Sunny Island
The veeeeery subtle nuanced drop-downs, change-ups, brsliding shifts, reiterations and such are riveting
Comment from : Sunny Island

subahsh thapliyal
Wow such a sweet n lovely music brLv from India🇮🇳
Comment from : subahsh thapliyal

Kathy Borthwick
🦅☀️🦅🍃🐚🍃👵🏽🦅☀️🦅🍃🐚🍃 Respect Beautiful Thank You!
Comment from : Kathy Borthwick

Dr_Ryan Domki
Love from Pakistan
Comment from : Dr_Ryan Domki

Ton Chin
Sorry you have music no singing please
Comment from : Ton Chin

jonathan zarate rodriguez
I love Japan músic
Comment from : jonathan zarate rodriguez

Izabela Szlachta
this young women no smile on facebr🙁
Comment from : Izabela Szlachta

C Meditationz
Absolutely enchanting style and musical content Traditional Japan come to the American hoods, us blacks deeply honor you all
Comment from : C Meditationz

Jir, yang pertama kayak acara wayangan lagunya
Comment from : gina4843

The GOLDENchild
I painted their faces white where they trying to kill prince and emperor levels
Comment from : The GOLDENchild

Abbey Rhapsody
Words aren't enough how I'm in love with this! Respect from Northern Cyprus Turkic Republic!
Comment from : Abbey Rhapsody

I’m here only for drill
Comment from : SsD

Dave Miller
Can’t decide after listening to the Scottish playlist and this compilation whether I was Japanese or Scottish in a past life
Comment from : Dave Miller

Shispop xd
creo que soy el único que sabe hablar español xd
Comment from : Shispop xd

Mary 12
what are instruments are they using??
Comment from : Mary 12

Om Di Do Si Sa Mo Mi So Na Mo Ka Ha Mu Ki ToRo CaH ❤🔝❤
Comment from : Laguruz

David from America
❤️❤️🎵🎵🎶🎶🎵🎵🎶🎶🎵👍🤗brMore people from around the World are discovering Japanese music and artistbr youtube/hboXXVfj24M
Comment from : David from America

Mary 12
what are there instruments???
Comment from : Mary 12

Ashraf Husin
I especially like the one starting at 6:43
Comment from : Ashraf Husin

Ashraf Husin
Ah I wish I knew the meaning of the song
Comment from : Ashraf Husin

Comment from : Sowpmactavish


Shefali Rai
I can listen this for a lifetime 🌸
Comment from : Shefali Rai

English Dicktionary
Comment from : English Dicktionary

Can't belive a rap song led me here those guitar or strings idk is what I'm looking for
Comment from : Fuzeki

S Harwoko
I m from Indonesia like it👍
Comment from : S Harwoko

Rafael Ángel García Martínez
Amo xd
Comment from : Rafael Ángel García Martínez

Comment from : S M

Japanis geysha I already visit your channel Please visit my channel also
Comment from : SIKLISTA CEBU Team Cebu

y ♡︎
idk what they’re saying but i’m vibing
Comment from : y ♡︎

Ti Ng
Cute voice
Comment from : Ti Ng

Lelo Migueis
Comment from : Lelo Migueis

Frkn Kan
Comment from : Frkn Kan

Dagmar Meda Brejlová
now i understand where does all the magic come from
Comment from : Dagmar Meda Brejlová

Carlos Ernesto Gamero León
かっこいい この うた😁😊🇯🇵🏯⛩️🎌🎎
Comment from : Carlos Ernesto Gamero León

Sudipa A
These songs are so soothing ♡brEven if u don't understand what ot actually means but it is soothing to ear♡
Comment from : Sudipa A

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