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12 Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car

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Information 12 Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car

Title :  12 Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car
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Frames 12 Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car

Description 12 Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car

Comments 12 Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car

OBD2 READER genius/creader4001 (affiliate)
Comment from : DEBOSS GARAGE

Pinkie Love
transmission fluid lol My car doesn't have a dipstick for it like a lot of other cars Never mind that your brake fluid is low look at the color of your brake fluid it's more important it shouldn't be dark
Comment from : Pinkie Love

Shout out to all the people who didn't grow up with a father figure and now have to figure out these things on your own Also this video rocks
Comment from : sam

Crazy Lazy
I own 2 Toyota's One has over 200K miles and the other over 300K miles and both run like new! What's my secret? I use car care software youtube/3LUayHH1yZA to monitor each vehicles maintenance schedule and remind me when anything is due for service I generally do all my own maintenance so I know it's done right :)
Comment from : Crazy Lazy

James Rattray
Thank you Very focused and to the point Really helpful as I set out to buy a second hand car
Comment from : James Rattray

Prepared 2 Thrive
Very helpful Thank you
Comment from : Prepared 2 Thrive

Sacred Hope✨
Thanks so much for this video!!
Comment from : Sacred Hope✨

Forrest Amos
Thanks you saved me from a Facebook scam with a car for sale They did and said everything you mentioned Really appreciate your work!
Comment from : Forrest Amos

Lone Eagle
what was that device he used, connecting to under the dash
Comment from : Lone Eagle

Yasmina Blue
Video is 6 years old and the advise is yet up to date Thanks a lot for making this video
Comment from : Yasmina Blue

Victor Muala
Very dope thanks for your advice
Comment from : Victor Muala

If you're buying a car this is the best Channel to watchbr wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=VxsAtn-XkFc&t=2s&ab_channel=60MINUTECAR
Comment from : GAIA ARTURI

Ryan Wallin
I was buying a car that was a manual transmission the guy didn’t want me to test drive it then to me it was a red flag I wanted to drive it but the guy said I’ll be in passenger he’ll drive it but I wanted to make sure it has gears 1 thru 6 I’m a car mechanic and I needed to feel the car transmission so I told the guy sorry I’m not buying a car that I can’t test drive So never feel the pressure on buying a car there’s more out there I had money with and still the guy didn’t want me to test drive it
Comment from : Ryan Wallin

Good evening please is advisable to buy a used car that has 242k Speedometer?
Comment from : OMEBERE ABRAHAM

The Ultimate Male
Comment from : The Ultimate Male

Mark wilson
Well done! As a service manager at a dealership, you hit on everything that I’d suggest Calling any parts store to ask what the most common part for that car they sell is and what it costs to replace CANNOT BE UNDERSTATED! brYou got a fan! Thanks for the video, you know your stuff! Cheers
Comment from : Mark wilson

Cella Palenge
Hi, I’m trying to buy a car it’s 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe, with 25k miles, but the tires, the wheels, and the inside part of every doors are pretty worn out So I got suspicious about the miles, is there any way to check what’s the real miles?
Comment from : Cella Palenge

Maurice Brown
This is TECH! thank you for great video
Comment from : Maurice Brown

Is it better to hire a mechanic to check the car out?
Comment from : arbj

Jeremy B
Check yourself before you wrench yourselfbrChloroform spray foam in air box?brLint roller water refresher sticky water fall
Comment from : Jeremy B

Melanie In Saskatchewan
Look behind head liners and trunk liners for evidence of collision repair
Comment from : Melanie In Saskatchewan

🧬 Genesis
Me and my husband got tricked by some dealer I won’t mention here But now we are trying to trade that trash they sold us and well, we’ll make sure this time nothing is wrong with the car brbrIt suppose to be honest people working in car dealers but nope, they just care about getting the paycheck and don’t even care if you have an accident going out the dealer like happened to us No lights, no nothing in the panel but the car stop working on our way home… brbrSo, thank you
Comment from : 🧬 Genesis

Hamze Mchiek
I love your video , very useful ! Thank you
Comment from : Hamze Mchiek

Cork Kyle
His best advice is to ask to seller to not talk🥰🚗
Comment from : Cork Kyle

On a 2016 car I test drove today the driver door sounded hollow when I shut it I checked the other 3 and they sounded fine
Comment from : R S

why? I dont know
I got screwed on my first car a couple years ago
Comment from : why? I dont know

Fuk The fr33 world
Leave comments on cars you own for future people , I usually pay it forward for my cars owners
Comment from : Fuk The fr33 world

Ravshaan Singh
Truly wonderful video which highlights everything in a very organized manner Thank you Boss!
Comment from : Ravshaan Singh

Yanal Isshak
Comment from : Yanal Isshak

Hakim  Harrach16
You can't check the transmission with out starting the engine for at least 10 minutes
Comment from : Hakim Harrach16

Thanks your awesome
Comment from : Cooldude101

Thank you for this information This was very helpful for me to purchasing my new used vehicle
Comment from : L F

John Charles
Another tip for a buyer is to check the motor mounts by revving the engine until it hits the Rev limiter than drop it in reverse than repeat with drive drive 2 than drive 1 if you hear any noise at all the cars junk
Comment from : John Charles

Eoghan Doyle
Just bought a car off someone He drove it down to my apartment which I thought was him just being nice but in reality he was hiding the fact that the car takes around 10 mins of revving the engine in the morning to prevent the engine from stallingbrIt seems to be a pretty big issue and looks like we might have to scrap it after only 1 week br So my advice would be to make sure the car is cold on test drive
Comment from : Eoghan Doyle

agent 49
Can you do most of these checks at a dealership? Like is it allowed?
Comment from : agent 49

doug m
if there is an engine cover, lift it off and see if there are any mice nest or droppings i bought a 07 Avalon that the mice started to eat the wire harness lucky there wasn't any mice left and the damage wasn't too bad also, check for a spare tire and jack funny how though items seem to be missing
Comment from : doug m

aritrosan 7
I love people who go straight to the pointbuying first car this month
Comment from : aritrosan 7

Thank you Trying to buy me a better vehicle , and I wanna learn these things, because I don’t wanna get scammed because I am a woman who do not no anything about cars lol
Comment from : IAmMya

Chikku Wikingz
Good video 😍🤗
Comment from : Chikku Wikingz

comer pickles
It's also important to look underneath the car and check the condition of its chassis Make sure its strong and not showing signs of rotting
Comment from : comer pickles

John Coll
Very well done Thank you
Comment from : John Coll

Roman Ayub
The video was really helpful! Thanks! btw, Which car was that which you inspected?
Comment from : Roman Ayub

Chris F
Will this OBD2 reader cause the computer to have to be resetted?
Comment from : Chris F

Levi Flores
In addition to those 12 amazing tips here are my 5 cents Check under the vehicle for extreme corrosion, chances are that the car was sitting near the sea and salt air would have damage parts under it When the car is turned on put a white cloth close to the tailpipe of the exhaust for about 5 seconds, If you get bits of oil on it that will tell you that the rings of the engine are worn out and it will need an engine overhaul soon Some people say that if the milage is at 200K, it will need overhaul soon Look around the engine for oil leaks, if there are any, simply don't buy it
Comment from : Levi Flores

GracefulWoman Yeshua
Thank you for making this helpful video
Comment from : GracefulWoman Yeshua

Dabeseth Hipilis Rachael Davies
Thanks man for the tips, very helpful 👍🏼 Appreciate the video
Comment from : Dabeseth Hipilis Rachael Davies

Elizabeth Mufunda
thank you for educating us on what to look at before buying a used caroverlooking all the things you mentioned will cost for sureagain never buy a car when you are in such a hurry it will cost you
Comment from : Elizabeth Mufunda

Eleanor Mckeever
Great info! Thanks!
Comment from : Eleanor Mckeever

I'm 33 and never bought a car My parents bought my first 3 (I paid them for the payments)br Then got married to a controlling woman who made sure her name was the only thing on these types of investments br 5 years later now im divorced and looking to buy a car
Comment from : TheAceOfSpades

Josh Willoughby
Another good thing to look at are the filler caps for the oil and the coolant The oil filler cap is normally located atop of the valve cover The coolant caps are typically located directly atop the radiator Take each one off and inspect the bottoms of the caps Someone selling a vehicle with blown cylinder heads or bad gaskets, will change fluids but will almost certainly forget to clean off the evidence from the bottom of the caps
Comment from : Josh Willoughby

Dawn Schmidt
Thank you Thank you Thank you I feel more confident buying a older used vehicle Now I know what to look for
Comment from : Dawn Schmidt

sucks that we even have to deal with this stuff, can’t they just make selling a terrible car illegal or have a penalty
Comment from : Geeoh

James DeLap
And get under the car with a flashight looking for rust, leaks or it's too clean-leaks have just been wiped away
Comment from : James DeLap

george lopez
This guy is very RIGHT
Comment from : george lopez

Alan Jones
Never buy a car with a tow bar
Comment from : Alan Jones

when did toby from the office become a mechanic?
Comment from : foreverahooper

Hey can we get an updated version of this on newer cars?
Comment from : Kainaatshafiq786

Andrew House
Make sure the vin on the car matches the vin on the previous registration or title Someone got me with that not to long ago, but if I had just watched this video first I never would have bought it in the first place
Comment from : Andrew House

This is a really good video and to the point!
Comment from : iRX

FPS Gumby
Glad to see Matts Sundin landed on his feat as a mechanic after his hockey career ended
Comment from : FPS Gumby

how about how much is it to order a mechanic for an extra hour or 2 to check that for me lmaoooo
Comment from : 𝓁𝑜𝓈

Marg David
Thanks so much for making this video, the most helpful one I've seen 🤘👍😇 I'm very appreciative to have watch this video today (#1 YouTube video)
Comment from : Marg David

Are Chevy's cheap to repair? I mean like parts, and are tires and parts hard to get? Looking at 2012 Chevrolet Cruze LT Turbo in the near future and it's priced at $2600 Would prefer a Honda but not finding one I likje I know Hondas are very cheap to repair since all the parts are so mass produced
Comment from : Del

Bismillah Ghulam
Comment from : Bismillah Ghulam

TayShon Powell
Best video ever good shit
Comment from : TayShon Powell

Account P
I’m buying my first car and I’m thinking about a 2015 VW Jetta, it have 100,000 kilometers and all the maintenance have been done on agency, if everything is all good with this car, with your knowledge do you think it is a good a car?
Comment from : Account P

FAD3 BrinO
Tbh I am just taking a mechanic with me
Comment from : FAD3 BrinO

sidharth chand
Get a pre-purchased inspection
Comment from : sidharth chand

Richard Warren
On many vehicles you can't check the transmission level with a dipstick anymore, you need a diagnostic tester that supports that function Also check for any open recalls, crashes etc:
Comment from : Richard Warren

Honest fire
Comment from : Her_biggest_fan

Elida Keane
My older brother bought this car 2 years ago But he did not realize that he bought the car at a higher price Now he wants to sell it, but he is not getting a fair price for the car, which is why he is now at a loss
Comment from : Elida Keane

Авторазборка Литва
I am looking for a small business partner (selling used Tesla parts) I have a car dismantling business (small scale, 200 square meters warehouse for distmantling cars) in Lithuania, selling used car parts for lithuanian, ukrainian, belorussian and russian customers for allmoust 8 years Now its time to jump into EV's I have some experience selling used Tesla model S parts, but this experience is quite limited I live in Lithuania, 43 yo My english is not perfect, but quite good My russian is very good to deal with russian, ukrainian customers About 30 of my customers are from Ukraine Most of the cars for dismantling I buy on auctions in the UK (United Kingdom) or Finland Mostly Copart or Willsons
Comment from : Авторазборка Литва

The Music Lab
Don't call the stealership
Comment from : The Music Lab

Freydson Ventura
God knew that we weren't perfect and couldn't have fellowship with Him or that we could save ourselves so He sent His only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life He got nailed to the cross for you He got whipped and hit and he did it all for you crucifixion was the worst death ever and He did it for you because He loves you Now because of what Jesus did you can have a friendship with God u can be saved u can be forgiven be reconciliated with God be freed and more Get right with God today 🙏Jesus is coming soon and we have to be ready
Comment from : Freydson Ventura

Zach Strobel
Is there anything like the OBD2 reader for a 91’?
Comment from : Zach Strobel

Calling a parts store to ask about if lots of particular parts are ordered for the car is brilliant tip Thank you nad have a good one sir
Comment from : Greg

Magis VITA
800,000 for new bootsnahhh
Comment from : Magis VITA

Julie Rosenthal
For a “grease monkey” you sure are a good speaker Thank you! No “umms” or awkward pauses Right to the point with good information 2 Thumbs UP!!
Comment from : Julie Rosenthal

regular Joe
Take it to an authorized dealership and get it checked 🤷‍♂️
Comment from : regular Joe

Nol Sova
Nothing about miles?
Comment from : Nol Sova

Thank you
Comment from : TESLA fanboys AND FANGIRLS UNITED

Richard King
You smell the oil on the dipstick to check for fuel leaking into crankcase it won't help changing the oil fuel residue will still be there
Comment from : Richard King

American Swetar
Imagine being at a used car dealership and you start smelling the oil
Comment from : American Swetar

Every used car is going to have something wrong with it You got to deduct the cost of fixing it on the buying price
Comment from : greer

Main thing is sound If a car sounds good it's probably a good car
Comment from : greer

Buying a car tommrw ganna buy a computer thing today and some champagne 🥳👏👏
Comment from : LifeWithLon

Carl Can
Buying a uses car is so stressful
Comment from : Carl Can

Appreciate this! I see the comments where a male figure is missing in the family but guess what I’m looking at the videos because I’m trying to buy a car for my Dad yes! This is the life of immigrants and being a first generation 🥲
Comment from : shadan

Jasmine Ware
Thank you
Comment from : Jasmine Ware

Andy Freeman
Way better than Scotty Kilmer's useless video on how to check a used car Thanks
Comment from : Andy Freeman

Pretty much any good care sales place knows what you’re looking for and how to hide the defects great
Comment from : N/A

rodrick Ziggy young
Great tip about the auto parts store hear it all the time (dang this the 3rd one today, or yeah we get alot of these out the door!) Great video to very very very helpful 👍👍
Comment from : rodrick Ziggy young

Triple7 Gaming
I looked at a Honda Fit with 66k for $8,500 Driver really nice, smooth and straight Needs spark plugs and valve cover gasket, but front passenger door is where I’m concerned Noticed the side mirror was a little misaligned, then noticed the cover for side mirror screws was missing, then noticed the window doesn’t go down all the way, and that the wiring is getting in the way inside the door panel that looks like it had been removed at some point Dash panel up against the the pillar looks a little misaligned as well Car fax says no accidents, but that the driver airbag had been replaced, but didn’t look like it was due to a recall, at list not listed as such Also in the carfax, said right rear window was replaced, though it was the right front that didn’t go down all the way Do you think this has been in an accident and that I should stay away or if I get them to knock off $500 for the valve cover, spark plugs, and window, it’s still a a good deal? Thanks
Comment from : Triple7 Gaming

The Global Expats
Thanks Rich! My wife and I are looking at buying a cheap car to drive around Europe soon, so we're absorbing all the information we can find 😅
Comment from : The Global Expats

really helpful! If only I could understand half of it xD I have no clue about cars
Comment from : SystemOrox

What the pfp says
16 and im looking to spend about 3 grand on a used car any ideas on what year and model would be a good range for that Im no rich kid but i might be able to shoot a little higher
Comment from : What the pfp says

2:29 aluminum parts don't rust lol
Comment from : mafakka2

Raider Richard
Look up the car on the internet for any recalls or defects And also read the reviews on Edmundscom You should also read up on the engine and get familiar with its technology and specs
Comment from : Raider Richard

Leah R
If they're talking to you, tell them to be quiet so you can listen to the car, y'all can talk outside later
Comment from : Leah R

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