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Why I Don't Speak Japanese in Videos

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Title :  Why I Don't Speak Japanese in Videos
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Description Why I Don't Speak Japanese in Videos

Comments Why I Don't Speak Japanese in Videos

Comment from : 福本球羅「タマラ」

Bob Dole
I'm German and I confrim that their Japanese was completely incomprehensible to me, especially since I dont speak one single word of it
Comment from : Bob Dole

Cindy Squires
Every so often, you look a lot like Leonardo diCaprio When you turn your head in a particular way
Comment from : Cindy Squires

Charlotte Cann
This would have been easier if I spoke Japanese Like with the anime man when he does purely Japanese videos I can never keep up with the subtitles and pausing it all the time would be a massive fafe
Comment from : Charlotte Cann

i turned the subs on, after you said it will be a pain to add them then i realized, youtube doesnt sub the japanese parts by itself, only the english segments xD --
Comment from : HenryManson

Hahaha ! Canadian girl kicked your ass Sharla is entirely fun and lovable You are lucky to have her
Comment from : jbaccanalia

Invader Grimm
Wait Aren’t you normally angry and bitter?
Comment from : Invader Grimm

Hey there, does anyone know the song that is used at 4:51 and 8:41? I would really really like to know and my Chrome plugin doesn't recognize it
Comment from : TheHeroBrain

Haha, you take on anime personality traits when speaking Japanese
Comment from : MrStatistx

Mike Morgulis
10:51 Sharla’s “okay” captures it all
Comment from : Mike Morgulis

What’s with the N64 controller?
Comment from : jeobonilla

Rebecca Shutak
Why am I all of a sudden attracted to Chris because he’s speaking Japanese?? 😅😅
Comment from : Rebecca Shutak

Bullet Magnet Archive
I read that you need papers to prove you own the bike you're riding and as a gaijin without it police will think you stole itbrbrI going to assume that's a very rare occurrence, can you shed some light?
Comment from : Bullet Magnet Archive

Sturm Gewehr
“Friend” 😅
Comment from : Sturm Gewehr

Thomas Name
You should have played a city pop youtube Playlist to cheer u up
Comment from : Thomas Name

i want chris to voice an anime character
Comment from : おいしい_おはぎ

I ship them
Comment from : Marie

max redwing
4:50 music name?
Comment from : max redwing

What did Chris mean when he put “friend” in quotes under Sharla’s name? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Comment from : sntboy

nanasshi 07
i'm so jealous i want to be fluent in japanese quickly
Comment from : nanasshi 07

Frances Retro Style
Very beautiful episode
Comment from : Frances Retro Style

Don’t replace Sharla, she is too cute, plus I lived in Victoria BC for 7 years!
Comment from : Gregoz

Hey I think I learned some Japanese along the conversations that you guys had!
Comment from : Fang

I heard once that Kitsune Soba is named that because Kitsune love fried Tofu So basically its like what a Kitsune would order I'm not Japanese so I can't say that is actually the case but its what I have heard
Comment from : angelsinthewindow

Buisang Ndlozi
She’s lovely
Comment from : Buisang Ndlozi

Replace sharla with sharla😎
Comment from : anegwa

Programador Visual - Thiago Woro
Sharla is so perfect, go date her!! NOW!!!
Comment from : Programador Visual - Thiago Woro

Gautam Kumar
Bhai yeah mst hai brbrI just discovered this channel 2 weeks ago and it's fucking addictive
Comment from : Gautam Kumar

Chris and Sharla are the best combo! The natto was particularly evil though
Comment from : DAraki

Justin Wells
so did you make a baby with her, or not ?
Comment from : Justin Wells

She's a dime
Comment from : sixstringalchemist

linda morph
Her Japanese is amazing
Comment from : linda morph

Mark Tighe-Crea
Regular Natto from Hokkaido is very tasty
Comment from : Mark Tighe-Crea

Jake R
lol wtf, 'uhjective' that's not even british english mate, love how she copies your shite pronunciation despite probably knowing better Done there but a view is a view innit?
Comment from : Jake R

As one of Japanese fans here, I must say he is so good at Japanese and I had never known he actually speaks it! He kinda sounds cute in Japanese, more videos in Japanese are needed!
Comment from : R

Jupiter Skies
I don’t speak Japanese around non Japanese because I find it annoying if a foreigner speaks it around me, probably because you have to change your actual character to speak correctly, as funny as that sounds It just feels weird to me🤷🏼‍♂️
Comment from : Jupiter Skies

René Stamer
I don’t want to know how, but how long it took you to speak perfect Japanese 😳
Comment from : René Stamer

Chum Chad
Damn, those indirect kisses gave me diabetes
Comment from : Chum Chad

rafaello araya
are these two dating? 2021 married by now? (engagement ring spotted)
Comment from : rafaello araya

The [Redacted]
THE WAIT IS OVER GUYS JAN 25 we can finally taste what was so "great" about that coca cola coffee! (US)
Comment from : The [Redacted]

Let's ask the real questions thodid they do the bad bad thing tho? y'knowthe bad bad thing
Comment from : Greenman422

For anyone still watching wondering what natto tastes like, let me do you a favor Stop wondering what natto tastes like
Comment from : tom4465

They call it fox soba because it has fried tofu in it In japanese folklore, foxes are particularly fond of fried tofu
Comment from : SurrealKeenan

Comment from : ゅきあまね

Chulio Chtulu
Please turn off auto subtitle generation Why I get russian subtitles? I don't even speak russian!
Comment from : Chulio Chtulu

stjepan matanovic
1:33 Saitama and Smile man had a baby
Comment from : stjepan matanovic

Trowa Barton
Yup!!! Sharla is the Best companion and always has a good vibe :-)
Comment from : Trowa Barton

sparky Z
5:54 fan fiction is about to start; Chris and his magical adventures with cola cola
Comment from : sparky Z

Raj Singhuk
Your Japanese persona is nursing a constant hangover
Comment from : Raj Singhuk

Dissonant Pulse
"friend" in quotes I see what you see there
Comment from : Dissonant Pulse

damn! you really left a cutie all on by herself lmao
Comment from : samad419

Annika K
So cool to know Japanese, seems like a hard language!!
Comment from : Annika K

Leo H
His audience is 999 foreignwhy would he speak japanese???
Comment from : Leo H

Great Guy
Sharla is a cool gal! Keep her! You two had a great interaction!
Comment from : Great Guy

Stanley Dustin Marcius
chris literally lost his personality when he speaks Japanese
Comment from : Stanley Dustin Marcius

Elle Russell
I’ve heard that when a dish is referred to as “kitsune”, it is referring the colour of the food- aka: “fox brown” Usually in reference to nice browning/fond on the food
Comment from : Elle Russell

The Japanese language is ez but the kanji more difficult
Comment from : Adtybma

Rory Shields
I love how Chris’s “I’m speaking Japanese now” accent sounds like a cross between a tour guide and a yakuza in a bad samurai film!
Comment from : Rory Shields

Paul Eck
Keep Sharla Canadians are awesome
Comment from : Paul Eck

Geoff Aldwinckle
the landscape is not dissimilar to parts of New Zealand
Comment from : Geoff Aldwinckle

Saswata Mitra
It's hard not to fall in love with Sharla🥲❤️
Comment from : Saswata Mitra

You two looked great together, having so much fun and the chemistry is definitely super positive It'd be so awesome if ❤️you two stayed together forever 😘 What I meant is you are right for each other 👩‍❤️‍👨💒💐👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Just a suggestion, who knows what the future holds, right !!!
Comment from : MAISOK SOKA

That scenery of Fukoi is stunning and looks so similar to my State, Mizoram here in NE India, but we've got cool whether all year round These trips around Japan are definitely your best video series, love it !!
Comment from : MAISOK SOKA

Chris dying from the long-ass cycling and looking forward to his snack breaks and then Sharla intentionally buying weird food items was the best part of the trip 😂br10/10 would recommend bring her along again
Comment from : TokuyuuTV

Marty Wittenberg
Watching them speak Japanese so easily is really impressive to me I know i will never understand it beyond the few words i know It's not a country i will go to nor have the drive to learn it but i know from experience you learn it so much faster when your forced to I can switch easily between Dutch or English if i want to It takes interest and passion as well
Comment from : Marty Wittenberg

Loved you speaking Japanese
Comment from : AverageAnimeLover

TZB 997
How many comments went 'you did hit that right?' ?
Comment from : TZB 997

When you travel with other expats that speak Japanese to non-Japanese countries do you use Japanese to talk shit about people in public and not get called out?
Comment from : BHFFS

Jesse Banks
mmm my favorite anime
Comment from : Jesse Banks

Bharat Sharma
These 2 are such a cute couple mahn
Comment from : Bharat Sharma

David Winfield
Your like a really Chubby enyoying English Pokomon character 🤔
Comment from : David Winfield

jhon jacson
why is the word friend in quotation marks? XD
Comment from : jhon jacson

Harry Turner Project
Sharla is good fire pony
Comment from : Harry Turner Project

Matt Lee
kind of sounds weird saying mushi ha me ni haitta It would sound more natural saying mushi ga me ni haitta
Comment from : Matt Lee

Natto is good with plum sauce, but I will admit it smells like someone burned some beans
Comment from : callmepiee2009

Sir Count
Why no Japanese? Because you aren't a weeb
Comment from : Sir Count

Just from this video alone I learned so many useful phrases Incredible!
Comment from : Mixuple

When will you do a video with Tkyosam?
Comment from : iTombz

Dagwood Chat
Sharla is hot
Comment from : Dagwood Chat

Mike G
Kon-bini tour desuka?
Comment from : Mike G

Makoto the Witch
Fox Soba probably because fox spirits are said to love aburaage :o
Comment from : Makoto the Witch

Joey Freitas
Sharla is a fellow Canadian? What a rocket too
Comment from : Joey Freitas

Derva Kommt von hinten
never realized how cute she can be
Comment from : Derva Kommt von hinten

What’s up Broski 🦋
Comment from : Mamkajiwin

Chainsmoke WEED
Comment from : Electrike99

Jacques du Rand
lol listening to them speak and reading the eng-sub is like watching an anime with "western-characters" - My-Hero-Foreigner LOL !
Comment from : Jacques du Rand

Herman Francis
yaki soba pan deshita ka ee karai da yo
Comment from : Herman Francis

Michael Ryan
Sharla is a thicc girl, damn!
Comment from : Michael Ryan

No one told me Robert Downey Jr was hosting today's episode, love the cameo :D
Comment from : entay

Adrian Hassall
In Chinese, they also just exclaim adjectives For example, if a coffee is bitter, they won’t say, “这个(this)咖啡(coffee)是(is)苦(bitter)的(ownership)” which is a literally word for word translation, instead they just say, “好(good/very)苦(bitter)”
Comment from : Adrian Hassall

travis moore
Toasted soy nuts with salt is best
Comment from : travis moore

Ingrimmsch Böindil
You guys should be dating Got a nice chemistry going on there and also redubb all your videos in japanese :D
Comment from : Ingrimmsch Böindil

Francisco Chavez
6:15 Was her reaction to the coffee-cola so bad that he had to cut it out to avoid being demonetized?
Comment from : Francisco Chavez

Anyone know what the intro music is? sounds familiar
Comment from : TANGO LETTUCE

good old irish goodbye
Comment from : Pete

Dave Langford
Sharla is so beautiful She is my new favourite Youtuber
Comment from : Dave Langford

David Vasta
I miss "Truck Stop" food in Japan I feel in love with it last time in and around Kofu I was worried it was going to be like the US, nasty, but it's OUTSTANDING!
Comment from : David Vasta

Jan Perry
The sweet Canadian girl makes the video lighter instead of depressing pommy
Comment from : Jan Perry

Sharla is pretty rude for a Canadianno wonder she lives in Japan
Comment from : yash

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